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Hello there! This is a blog started by a bunch of Minecraft hobbyists. We write about topics to help fellow gamers learn the game or get through tough challenges. Minecraft is a big game! There’s lots of things to learn.

Minecraft Servers

One of the most fun about any game is the ability to play with other people. One of the most popular features of every video game has been the social aspect (Pokemon, Runescape, Halo multiplayer, which are some of my favorite games).

As you might expect, Minecraft has an extremely popular multiplayer feature. It’s one of the biggest attractions of the game. It’s one of the reasons why Minecraft is such a huge global phenomena.

How you play multiplayer Minecraft is by finding these servers, login to the IP address of the server, then you’re in the game! There can be hundreds of people on a single server. It’s a lot of fun!

In fact, we wrote up articles on a few popular minecraft servers you might be interested in.

  1. Attack on Titan Minecraft Server
  2. Christian Minecraft Servers
  3. Minecraft Anime Servers
  4. Naruto Minecraft Servers

Common Minecraft Topics

These are common tools related to Minecraft. These are quite useful if you’re trying to master the game. One example if the Minecraft Spawner Finder, which makes it way easier for you to find resources based on the seed you put in.

  1. Slime Spawner
  2. MineDraft
  3. Infinite Lava Source Minecraft
  4. Minecraft Spawner Finder

Minecraft FAQ

From the many hours we spent teaching Minecraft beginners, these are some of the common questions we found. Initially we wrote so that we could just send beginners to read it here. Now the whole world can also benefit from the knowledge we wrote up!

Do you have other questions that you would like us to answer? Visit our About page and send us an email!

  1. What Do Bats Eat in Minecraft?
  2. What Does Multishot Do in Minecraft?
  3. What Does Quick Charge Do in Minecraft?
  4. Minecraft Date Ideas
  5. What is Simulation Distance in Minecraft
  6. What is a Bonus Chest in Minecraft?
  7. Where to Find Dark Oak in Minecraft
  8. How Long Does It Take For a Villager To Grow Up?
  9. How Tall Is Steve?
  10. Can You Breed Fish in Minecraft?
  11. What Does Protection Do in Minecraft?
  12. What Do Minecraft Pigs Eat
  13. What does the Luck of the Sea Do?
  14. Can Villagers Climb Ladders?
  15. Does Silk Touch Work on Spawners
  16. Five Reasons Why Is Minecraft Offfline
  17. Why Does Forge Keep Crashing
  18. Is Minecraft Haram?
  19. Why Is Minecraft Only Showing Demo?
  20. Why is Minecraft music so sad?
  21. Minecraft Fox Banner
  22. Why Minecraft Villagers Have Big Noses
  23. How Much Space Does Minecraft Take Up
  24. java.lang.indexoutofboundsexception minecraft

Reviews of Minecraft Servers to Host Game

If you’re a Minecraft enthusiast, chances are pretty good you have other friends who want to play Minecraft. Now you guys could play on one of the many Minecraft servers out there in the world, but what if you really wanted to customize the heck out of your world? What if you wanted different rules, different Minecraft mods, different people?

Here’s your chance to setup your very own Minecraft server! Here we review of the most popular services that offer your very own Minecraft world.

Coming Soon: a table comparing all the Minecraft server hosts against each other!

How-to tutorials

Are you new to the game of Minecraft? Trying to figure out how to do some basic thing? Stuck on some really annoying problem?

These are some basic tutorials we wrote up for people new to the game.

Got other ideas for us to write tutorials about? Drop us an email at our About page.

  1. How to Sit in Minecraft
  2. How to keep water from freezing in Minecraft
  3. How to make an infinite water source
  4. How to drink water in RLCraft
  5. How far does water flow in Minecraft?
  6. How to Mega Evolve in Pixelmon
  7. How To Make Aluminum Plates In Pixelmon
  8. How to Spawn Pokemon
  9. How To Kill Enderman
  10. How to Make Trees Grow Faster in Minecraft
  11. How Many Diamonds for Full Armor?
  12. How to Make Nether wart Grow Faster
  13. How to Find Your House in Minecraft
  14. How To Tame Turtles in Minecraft
  15. How To Get Mushroom Blocks in Minecraft
  16. How To Repair A Trident
  17. How To Tame A Dragon In Minecraft
  18. How To Sprint In Minecraft
  19. How To Get Sharpness V
  20. How to Get Haste 2 Beacon
  21. How to Turn on Cheats in Minecraft After You Made World
  22. How to make Minecraft fullscreen
  23. How to Get Out of Boat

Opinion Articles

These are some controversial opinions we have after playing Minecraft for many years. Not everything is rosy in Minecraft land. Sometimes Minecraft isn’t all that great. Sometimes it’s boring. These are some articles explaining those ideas further.

  1. Why Minecraft Gets Boring
  2. Why Minecraft Sucks
  3. Why Is Minecraft Bedrock So Bad?
  4. Why Minecraft Has Bad Graphics