Attack on Titan Minecraft Server

If you are a big fan of the anime show Attack on Titan and wonder what it would be like to live in the Titan-ridden universe, then look no further than 8thAxis Gaming Network’s Attack on Titan Minecraft server! Live out the fantasy of using a fully-functional 3-dimensional maneuver gear, defeat all types of titans, and even become a titan shifter yourself in this Minecraft server.

About the Attack on Titan Minecraft Server

8thAxis Gaming Network released a Minecraft server based on the popular Japanese franchise Attack on Titan in early 2015. The server is set five years after the start of the Attack on Titan main story, before the Titans’ attack on the middle wall, Rose.

Attack on Titan Minecraft Server Map

The server’s primary objectives revolve around the eponymous Titans and killing them. The Minecraft server reproduced prominent places and areas in the Attack on Titan universe such as Trost, the Frontier, and the Underground that players can freely explore. The server also boasts a robust and functional 3-Dimensional Maneuver Gear that emulates the in-universe equipment into Minecraft.

What is the IP Address of the Attack on Titan Minecraft Server?

In order to be able to join the server, you must have the same Minecraft version as the server. As of the time of writing, the server is running on Minecraft version 1.17.1, so you should have Minecraft 1.17.1 or later to join the server. 

To join, add a new server in Multiplayer, and put as the server address. After adding, you should see the server in your world list. Simply click Play to join the world and get on with the action!

Starting Out

You will see a familiar scene once you enter the server

Similar to the first story arc in the Attack on Titan franchise, a tutorial quest set in the Fall of Shiganshina will start that teaches you how to use the 3-Dimensional Maneuvering Gear. Upon completion you will proceed to the recruitment area where you will choose among 3 regiments. After the tutorial, you can then start exploring the server.

The 3-Dimensional Maneuver Gear

The 3-Dimensional Maneuver Gear is the most prominent equipment in the Attack on Titan universe, utilized by the military to elevate themselves into the air and defeat Titans. The 3DMG system in the server perfectly encapsulates the capabilities of the in-universe gear, allowing players to travel vertically into the air and is primarily used in the server to kill Titans.

The 3DMG is composed of three distinct parts, two Kenns equipped as either active or offhand and the Gas Tank. Both Kenns have functional durability and will eventually break. Parts can be bought from the Headquarters and crafted by putting the blade above the hilt, similar to how a torch is crafted.

The Gas Tank is the part of the gear that propels you up to the air. A Gas bar will appear in your interface, indicating your remaining gas. You can go to any gas tank in the Headquarters to refill your Gas Tank if it’s running low.

To use your 3DMG, choose which side of the grapple you want to use. You need to hold left-click to use the left grapple and right-click for the right one. Left-clicking will make your Kenn perform a melee attack. To unhook your grapples, you can double jump. 


Titans outside of the wall

Of course, an Attack on Titan server would not be completely without the eponymous titans. The Attack on Titan Minecraft server sports a wide variety of wild Titans, which are all of the same size (12 meters tall), differing only by abilities and strength. 

There are three basic Titans which possess no special powers. These Titans are modeled after the Titans in the Attack on Titan universe.

  • The 12-Meter Titan has no special traits, serving as the basic mob in the server.
  • The Abnormal Titan’s AI is coded to prioritize attacking a group over a single player.
  • The Aberrant Titan is the fastest and strongest among the three, although it is still relatively easy to kill. 

There are three special Titans which have special characteristics. These Titans are unique to the server and were not based on the Attack on Titan universe.

  • The Cognizant Titan is the most dangerous wild Titan in the server, having an ability to roar that blows nearby players away and detaches all 3DMG hooks attached to it. They can also harden their nape to Titan Crystal, which will require players to repeatedly hit the nape until it breaks.
  • The Health Titan is a special Titan that only appears after a server reset. Unlike the other Titans, they have a regular hitbox and can be easily killed.
  • The Cheating Titan, also called the COVID Titan by the playerbase, is a Titan with massive armor and health pool. Serving as a mini-boss, admins occasionally spawn these Titans for fun.

Titan Shifters

True to the Attack on Titan universe, the server also allows players to become Titan shifters. Primarily available only to server donors, players can buy any one of the five available forms from the shop or craft a Titan serum for a one-time transformation. As of the Shiganshina update, a Variant Titan progression system was also added, made available to all players. This allows players to shift into a Titan and gain abilities based on a skill tree system. 

You can donate to the server by buying these Titan forms

The five buyable forms are the following:

  • The Basic Titan is similar to the 12-Meter Titan, and only has one ability: Harden Nape.
  • The Brawler Titan is a better version of the Basic Titan, and has similar abilities with the Cognizant Titan.
  • The Infiltrator Titan is a Titan form that specializes in stealth and speed, in exchange for armor.
  • The Fortifier Titan is a tough Titan form with a ranged ability.
  • The Colossus Titan, although having the same size as other Titans despite the name, is the strongest Titan form that can annihilate infantry with an explosion ability and burn all incoming infantry.

There are two other Titan shifting forms in the server, although they are only available to certain players. These Titans are based off the Nine Titans in the Attack on Titan universe.

  • The Warhammer Titan is granted to the players who make it to the top ten Titan killers. Similar to the Warhammer Titan in the Attack on Titan universe, this Titan can produce and blast off Titan Crystals. Additionally, it has an impossible amount of armor and can regenerate rapidly. Since there can be only ten players who can use this form, this Titan is rather rare.
  • The Armored Titan is granted to players with the Admin rank and above. Nicknamed the “Admin Killing Machine,” this Titan is the strongest among all Titans in the server. As with the Armored Titan in the Attack on Titan universe, it can topple structures down, and can bring down any other Titan with ease. 

Regiments and Quests

You can view your active quests in the interface [from the 8thAxis Community Discord]

Another cool feature of the server is the quest system. Players can take story and world quests and receive corresponding rewards, such as Titan serums and crafting materials for better gear. Most quests revolve around killing Titans, but there are also PvP quests and co-op quests.

Similar to the anime, the server also has the three regiments of the military that a player will join once they enter the server. The three regiments are the Survey Corps, Garrison, and the Military Police. After the tutorial, you can talk to the corresponding recruiter of the regiment you want to join to start the regiment initiation quest. These regiments also issue daily and weekly quests that players can take to earn more rewards.

Attack on Titan in Minecraft

Trost at Night

Aside from the infusion of the Attack on Titan universe, the server still retains the spirit of Minecraft by giving players the ability to rent plots and be able to build whatever they want and collect the materials they need from the wilderness. The latest Shiganshina update also introduced story quests, a gear rework, and even new world bosses that will drop amazing loot. With a competitive arena in the Titan Shifting Competitive League, there’s a lot of things that you can do in the Attack on Titan Minecraft server.


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