Can Villagers Climb Ladders?

Villagers are passive mobs in the game. And, as you create numerous stuff in your game, you need to identify how these passive mobs react to your infrastructures.

One common question that you may have in mind would be, “can these villagers climb ladders?” There is a yes and a no answer to this question.

Yes, you can notice that very rarely, villagers tend to climb ladders. However, no, they usually do not do it on purpose – most of the time, it is either induced by something or they just kind of climb ladders accidentally.

So, what this means is that villagers would not intentionally climb ladders by themselves. They climb on their own very rarely only.

How can I make a villager climb up a ladder?

If it is still possible for these passive mobs to climb ladders, how can you make them do it?

First, let us talk about ladders in Minecraft. These are simple wooden sticks crafted together using the following recipe:

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The ladders can be used in your creations to help you and other mobs climb vertically or horizontally. Generally, any player or mob can climb ladders by pushing themselves against the ladder.

However, not all mobs are designed to have the intelligence to climb it on their own. Here are some things that you can do to help them climb up a ladder:

  1. Try giving a push to your villagers. This will make them compelled to climb the ladders that are in front of them.

  2. Making a zombie chase after villagers prompts the villager to run away from the zombie. So, when a ladder is nearby, and it is the villager’s only escape, they will automatically climb up on it.

  3. You can also try putting a ladder along the way where your villagers will pass. This is a simple trick to make them climb on their own since they will inevitably push against the ladder.

Essentially, keep in mind that these mobs do not include ladders in their pathfinding. However, once you push them into something that they can climb on, they will eventually get on and climb.

What are the types of villagers in Minecraft that can climb ladders?

After playing in Minecraft for quite some time, you may have come across numerous mobs. These are any creature that lives in that particular world.

Villagers are one of the common mobs that do not attack you. They live in villages and can interact, work, or breed.

These villagers also come in different outfits. It is not just for their design but also indicates their occupation.

If you are wondering if the type of villager matters in their ability to climb ladders, usually, these villager types respond the same way.

As long as you try the previous steps on how to make them climb ladders, any villager type will most likely work.

Can villagers pathfind through ladders?

Villagers are mobs that spawn in villages. Usually, they are just there minding their own business since they are passive mobs.

However, these villagers usually do anything they want as they are programmed to do so. In the current Minecraft mods, two options are available when going through ladders.

Sometimes, they can pathfind through ladders. However, there are times when they can pathfind even without these ladders. It all boils down to your villager!

To help your villagers in pathfinding with these ladders, you can craft a ladder and place it in the villager’s path. This way, the villager will pathfind on their own through ladders.

Is climbing part of pathfinding?

The current settings in the playable Minecraft world included an internal code tag on some of the mobs that spawned in it. This lets them climb on ladders.

However, they are only programmed to do this climbing action if they are pushed into it or have nowhere else to go when they are in danger.

The pathfinding algorithm of climbing ladders in either normal or hard mode goes like this: they would take the faster option of climbing up or down, especially if there is no other direction.

Will a villager climb a ladder to get to a bed?

Villagers also tend to get tired after some time. They are, after all, designed to be like actual villagers.

These villagers do not need to climb ladders if they want to go to bed since they are other quicker ways of getting to their sweet beds.

Connecting a small distance between the villager and their bed with a ladder will not guarantee you that they will climb on it to go to their beds. They may find a different route.


In summary, villagers can climb ladders as long as you follow some of the steps previously mentioned. Just keep in mind that they are programmed not to climb ladders automatically.


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