Christian Minecraft Servers

Upon starting the game, a Minecraft player will have the choice between playing the game in a Single Player or a Multiplayer mode. If you choose the Single Player Mode, you will be redirected to the world of your choosing, and you will play the game alone. On the other hand, if you choose the Multiplayer mode, you will have the chance to enter a Minecraft server.  


Minecraft servers are made to let the players interact with other players all around the world and build their own Minecraft world together. The changes that you will be making in the server that you choose to get into will be consistent with all the other players that will join the same server.


Aside from the unique features that each Minecraft server offers, the player also gets to choose the type of Minecraft server that he or she wants to join. If the player wants a wholesome and safe environment  in Minecraft, he or she can join a Christian Minecraft server. 


What are the best christian minecraft servers?


GospelCraft is a Christian Minecraft server that was published last 2018. This is a roleplay server and its storyline includes 66 books from the Bible. Players in this server get paid to explore the world and create locations that are similar to this world. You can get the IP of this server via



CatholicCraft is best for players who want to join a community of Christians in Minecraft in survival mode. Even if this server is named as such, they welcome all people from all religions, as long as you abide by their rules. This is a vanilla server, and although CatholicCraft is on Survival Mode by default, you can’t teleport and play quests in it. You can get the IP of this server via 

LegioChristi Anarchy

LegioChristi Anarchy takes pride in keeping the privacy and decency among its players. Swearing and saying blasphemous words are prohibited, much like other Christian Minecraft servers. You can get the IP of this server is


MyChristian is a minecraft server that does not allow swearing and prohibits gays from joining their server. It was created last 2019. You can get the IP of this server via 

Pickaxe Mania

Pickaxe Mania is considered to be one of the most famous christian minecraft servers as it allows its players to create their own churches and religious communities in the game. This roleplay server is vanilla and safe for all ages. You can get the IP of this server via 

How can I join these christian minecraft servers?

You can join a christian minecraft server by going to their website, look for their IP and copy it to clipboard (Ctrl+C for Windows users or Ctrl+Command for Mac users). You will then have to open the Minecraft, click Multiplayer and click Add Server. Paste (Ctrl+V)  the IP that you have copied from the server that you want to join, then click Done. A server list will show up after, and you have to look for the server that you want to join in. Click the server that you want to join in and then click Join Server. 


  1. Go to the server’s website. 

  1. Copy the IP address. 

(Ctrl+C for Windows users or Ctrl+Command for Mac users or just click the link on their site)

  1. Open Minecraft.

  1. Click Multiplayer.
  2. Click Add Server. 

  1. Paste the IP address, then click ‘Done’.
  2. Click the server’s name and then click ‘Join Server’. 

What are the rules in a Christian Minecraft server?

In general, Minecraft servers implement their rules based on how they want their players to behave. Most rules in Christian Minecraft servers include no swearing in the chat, no griefing, no robbing, and no saying of blasphemous words or creating blasphemous buildings or entities. Christian Minecraft servers usually keep everything vanilla or semi-vanilla, so you can expect that people who join these servers don’t pose any danger to underage players.  

What makes christian minecraft servers unique?

A lot of Minecraft servers do not strictly impose decency in the chat and in the behavior of the people inside the community. Christian minecraft servers, on the other hand, implements strict rules about this. In this type of server, you can expect that you are safe from online bullies and other dangerous people on the internet as the makers of this server monitor all movement of the players in this server. 


How to leave a christian minecraft server

If you are playing on your phone or tablet, all you have to do to leave a minecraft server is to press the pause button on the upper portion of the screen. You will see options like Resume Game, Settings, Feedback, and Save & Quit. Click Save & Quit to leave the game. 


In conclusion

If you want to join a server in Minecraft without worrying about rude and troublesome players, you can join a Christian minecraft server. These servers will keep you safe from griefing or bullying, robbing and reading swear words while playing and interacting with other players


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