Does Silk Touch Work on Spawners

Spawners are one of the exciting additions in the world of Minecraft. You will see these as cage-like blocks in specific locations on a map.

Unfortunately, you cannot obtain spawners in survival mode even if you enchant your tools with Silk Touch.

If you are playing the Bedrock Edition, you can get monster spawners from your creative inventory. Using a pick block can also work.

Spawners are initially empty, but they can be changed to spawn a mob of your choice by placing a spawn egg on the block.

In contrast, the creative inventory does not hold the spawners in Minecraft’s Java Edition. What you need to do is use a command [ /give command ]. This, however, gives a pig spawner as default. So, you can just change it with your spawn egg.


What is Silk Touch?

Minecraft is filled with creative ways to help boost your gaming experience. One of the things that you need to master is using enchantments. They give a different effect, depending on how it is used.

The Silk Touch enchantment can help you obtain more drops from blocks. This is used to enchant items like your pickaxe.

Essentially, the Silk Touch enchantment will allow you to get blocks as is. Without the enchantment, these blocks would not drop items even when destroyed.

To see how this enchantment works, let us see this scenario. Typically, diamond ore blocks drop a diamond when broken. But, if you enchant your tool with Silk Touch, the same diamond ore block will be obtained as a whole!

Silk Touch is a very useful enchantment with a variety of uses. Fortunately, it is also very easy to acquire these enchantments and use them on your gameplay.


What can Silk Touch do?

Now, what can the Silk Touch do? First, you need to place it on a tool to use it. You can enchant your axe, pickaxe, shovel, or other tools that you got as you ventured into the world of Minecraft.

Moreover, Silk Touch can be enchanted on tools with wood, diamond, stone, iron, or nephrite materials.

The primary function of Silk Touch enchantment is its ability to help you collect blocks that do not usually drop something when broken.

Also, you can prevent making Flint out of Gravel if you have the Silk Touch enchantment on your tool.

The Silk Touch Shears are better as they can mine all blocks, except Ender Chests and the Cobwebs, without losing your durability.

In comparison, it would be time-consuming for the player if you plan to do tasks without Silk Touch. For example, moving Mycelium, Ice, Podzol, or Grace to your desired location will take more time than having a Silk Touch enchantment with you.


What are other ways besides Silk Touch of obtaining spawners?

As we have previously noted, Silk Touch cannot be used to obtain spawners. There are a variety of reasons for this, and we will note this later.

One of the theories for using Silk Touch to obtain spawners is using Silk Touch II enchantment rather than the Silk Touch I enchantment.

However, Silk Touch II is not yet in the Minecraft playable editions that we have now.

Mob spawners in Minecraft are chiefly found naturally spawning on many areas in the game. However, for now, they cannot be obtained or placed without using cheats as you play.

We previously noted that we could try using the creative menu for the spawners. However, it does not work that way for mob spawners.

You cannot get your mob spawners from this menu. Hence, you need to be creative and play with commands if you really want to place one.

When playing, you can use /give, /clone, /fill or /setblock commands to spawn the mob spawners in your game. Once you have summoned them, you can use a spawn egg to transform the mob spawner you gathered.


Does silk touch allow you to pick up mob spawner?

Since we talked about the Silk Touch enchantment’s capacities in the game, let us also note that it cannot do everything.

Do not try to break a mob spawner with a pickaxe enchanted with Silk Touch! This will do more harm than good for you because you cannot obtain the spawner this way.

In reality, using a pickaxe with the enchantment on your mob spawner will only ruin it.

In most versions of Minecraft, the mob spawners will always spawn a particular mob every time you are near it. This allows you to farm the resources of that mob for items, experience points, and many more.

One of the fun things that you can do with mob spawners, either naturally generated or spawned by cheating, is to make your mob farm with it. The stream of mobs in it will surely give you a fair amount of XP and loot.


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