How far does water flow in Minecraft? 

You will not be able to survive in Minecraft without a water source. Whether you are a new player in this game or you have been playing this for years, you must read this article to know more about water.


In Minecraft, water has a lot of uses. You need it to grow your seeds, you will need it to protect yourself from burning, or even protect yourself from dying. 


Knowing how water can work for you will definitely help you improve your strategies in Minecraft, and if you want to know more about this feature, read on!


How far does water flow in Minecraft?

Water is something that you can get from bodies of water in Minecraft such as rivers, lakes or oceans. All you need to have is a bucket and you can already bring water anywhere you go and use it anytime you want. You can make a water collection system out of it or use it as an item conveyor. But in any case, before doing all of those things, you must first know how far water flows in this game. 


  1. How far does water flow on a flat surface?

On a flat surface, water can flow up to seven blocks from the water source in all directions.  This is what a water block will look like if you put it on a flat surface:

  1. How far does water flow in a contained space?

In contained spaces, a water block can flow up to 7 blocks away from its source. So if you dig up 10 blocks on the ground, the water flow will end on the 8th block, as you can observe in the picture below:

  1. Does slope impact how far water flows?

Water in Minecraft automatically flows if you place it in an elevated position. For example, if you put water on top of a hill, it will infinitely flow downwards. 

How can water flow more than 8 blocks?

You can let water flow more than 8 blocks by either putting your water source on top of a hill or digging down from the 7th block up to allow it to flow even further.

As you can see in the image above, I removed a dirt block underneath the 8th water block, and this allowed the water to flow. 


Option #1 Put your water source on top of a hill. 



Elevated places allow water to flow freely downwards. 


Option #2: Dig down to allow water to flow

If you have placed your water in a confined space and you would want it to flow further, you can start digging down at the end of the water source so that you create an elevation which allows water to flow.

Elevating your water source will allow it to flow infinitely in different directions. 

Does water flow automatically if you put the source beside a hole that you dug up?

Yes, water flows automatically when placed beside a hole. The reason for this is because water tends to move to a direction that is lower than the surface that is on, just like the water that we have in the real world. 


How can you use water to go downhill?

Jumping from an elevated place in Minecraft can decrease your health and even kill your character, but water is an effective way to prevent that. You can create a waterfall if you put your water block at the edge of the hill you are in, and you can use this to safely land on the ground. 

When you pass through the waterfall when going down to the ground, you slowly descend to the ground and this allows you to survive. However, if you pass through the waterfall head first, you can actually drown from this, so you still have to be careful. 

Can you also use water to go uphill?

Yes, you can pass through the waterfall that you have made to go up to the top of the hill again without getting any damages. All you have to do is to get in the waterfall, press the space bar and start going up. 

Using the waterfall to go uphill can take some time to get the job done, but if you have no other choice, this is a great option that you use. 

How can you stop water from flowing in Minecraft?

If you are curious on how many blocks of water in Minecraft flow, you should also be wondering how you can stop the water from flowing. 


If you have placed your water block in a wrong place and you want to undo this action, simply put dirt on the location where you have put your water. Repeat this until there’s no water on the site, and you can just right click on the dirt blocks that you have placed. 


In conclusion

Water flows 7 blocks away from where you have put it. You can easily make water flow further by digging down underneath where it stopped flowing. You can also put water on top of the hill to let it flow more than 8 blocks. 

You can also use water to create vegetation, transport items and safely go up and down a hill or mountains. 

If you eventually want to stop the water from flowing or you want to change the location of where you put it, you can just put dirt on top where you have put your water and watch it slowly disappear. 


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