How Long Does It Take For A Villager To Grow Up?

Playing Minecraft is undoubtedly an exciting gaming experience for players who desire to craft a lot of things and develop villages from scratch. As you explore certain Minecraft maps, you will be overjoyed when you see a village near your spawn point. This means a fantastic journey will soon unfold.

Villages constitute a significant part of making your Minecraft experience enjoyable and less lonely. You get to interact with villagers, initiate trades, watch them grow up, and even breed them. They play a very important part in the mechanics of the game. So, if you want to know more about the villagers, this article has precisely what you need.

How Long Does It Take For Villagers To Grow Up In Minecraft?

In a village, expect to see some Baby Villagers. They are a weird-looking group of people in the villages. Like children, expect to see them playing around. Now, know that these Baby Villagers’ growth is essential to the village. One of your goals as a player of this map is to ensure that they grow up so that they can be of use to the village.

After 20 minutes, these Baby Villagers will grow up and become adults that are very helpful to your village.



How to Make Villagers Grow Up?

A Villager is indispensable to the success of the village. You can notice that Villagers wear different clothes. This is because each of them corresponds to one of six professions, where each profession is further subdivided into careers useful for the village.

If Villagers are so important, you would want to make the Baby Villager grow up, right? Here is the way to do it:

1.Baby Villagers grow up naturally in 20 minutes. However, there might be a time when the baby gets attacked and killed even before growing up. So, try to make a small area that can protect the baby.

2. Also, remember that if you are too far away from your village, the village’s growth ceases. So, during the 20 minutes that you are waiting for the Baby Villagers to grow up, make sure that you are near those Baby Villagers.

3. Basically, you need to stay and protect your Baby Villages in 20 minutes. Then, once you go back and take a look at them, you now have an adult Villager.

What Should You Feed The Villager To Grow Up Faster?

If you tend to be impatient, you can actually feed something to your Baby Villagers to help them grow faster. You can opt to provide every Villager with three loaves of bread, 12 potatoes, or 12 carrots to help them grow faster.

Command To Make Villager Grow Faster

Basically, you wait 20 minutes before getting your Baby Villager to grow up. But, in the world of Minecraft, where everything is virtually possible, can you speed this up? Do we have a command for this?

Fortunately, you can try directly setting the Baby Villager’s age. You can try this example command:

/entitydata @e[type=Villager , r=5] {Age:-200}

Note that the negative number of ticks means that it is the time needed by the baby to grow up. With the example command above, your Baby Villager can grow up after 10 seconds.

How To Breed Villagers In Minecraft?

Breeding Villagers in Minecraft is important because you need to replenish your village’s population in one way or another. To breed villagers manually, you can follow some of these steps:

  1. Make sure that you have three items that the villagers need to survive, which include beds and food.


  1. Once you have these prerequisites, you also need to have at least two Villagers. Well, people cannot breed on their own. So, you need two Villagers in very close proximity for them to breed.


3. If you do not have enough Villagers with you, you can either kidnap one from another village or cure a Zombie Villager of his zombie disease.



Basically, you need to toss together these prerequisites and wait for the breeding process to occur naturally in manual breeding. Also, if you want a more secure population, there are even some players who make an automatic breeder farm.

Helping your Baby Villagers to grow up will help you get valuable professionals that will function in your village. Moreover, your population can grow much faster. With this, you can protect your village, engage in more trades, and make your villagers work in numerous working sites.

In conclusion

Growing your village in Minecraft is one of the joys that you can get from playing Minecraft, and increasing the number of your villagers will help you achieve your goal faster. It would only take 20 minutes for a villager to grow up and help you in creating your own village, so you should know the basics on how to grow them. With this mob, you will have the opportunity to practice the strategies you have in mind, your skills in the game, and even your creativity. 


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