How Many Diamonds for Full Armor?

The players in a game have their own different reasons as to why they keep on playing- they might find playing that particular game relaxing, they might feel accomplished whenever they defeat their opponents or they just love the character that they live through that game. This aspect is what game developers call as ‘play value’. Players are in the game because the game itself adds happiness and purpose in their life.

The same goes with the players in Minecraft. Aside from being able to construct all sorts of items that can help you triumph over the map or game mod that you are playing, crafting all sorts of tools, armors, and weapons to thrive and survive in the game, one of the joys that you get is the fact that you can build your own character in the game. The shields, the weapons and the armors don’t only make the character look unique, but oftentimes they also help the player get an advantage over the game as they tend to boost the player’s stats and have better chances of fighting back.

Armors, for example, can make your character look cool, but they are one of the essential things to craft if you want to survive. This article will tell you what you need for crafting your armors. With the idea of crafting a complete armor, you will indeed be prepared for your next battle against mobs.

How many diamonds do I need to craft a full armor?

Now, the first question that you might have in mind might be: “how many diamonds would you need?” If you have been playing Minecraft for quite some time, you would know that you need ingredients and tools to create things. In crafting a full armor, you would need 24 diamonds. But how did we come up with this number? Let us look deeper.

Full armors are composed of a helmet, chest plate, leggings, and boots. Each of these needs a set of diamonds so that you can craft them. The respective diamonds required for each are as follows:

  • Helmet: 5 diamonds
  • Chest plate: 8 diamonds
  • Leggings: 7 diamonds
  • Boots: 4 diamonds

5, 8, 7, and 4 diamonds would total to 24. Hence, you need to find yourself 24 armors to begin crafting your full armor.

How do I make a full armor using Diamonds?

A full armor is essential for all Minecraft players. Of course, who would not want to have the boost and protection offered by these? You need to gather the necessary amount of diamonds first. When you have just enough, you can follow these steps so that you can craft your next best full armor:

1. Open your crafting table. You should see this 3×3 crafting grid where you can make different items as long as you obtain enough supplies and place them in the correct recipe.

2.Assuming that you have the necessary number of diamonds already, you can start adding them to your crafting grid. There are different Minecraft recipes to follow in crafting specific items. You will learn about this shortly.

3. Move your crafted armor from the crafting table to your inventory. You are now ready to equip it and survive the outside world.


After constructing a full armor using a specific number of diamonds, you can not equip them. You will notice four armor slots for each player that may correspond to your crafted helmet, chest plate, leggings, and boots. By equipping these, you can imagine yourself wearing them as you continue with your survival journey.

What are the items I need to create a Full Armor?

As we noted earlier, you need prerequisite items first before you can place them on your crafting table and do wonders in crafting. So, what do you need for a full armor?

Your full armor is composed of four separate crafted pieces. These would be your helmets, chest plates, leggings, and boots. Each of these has a specific number of diamonds placed in different recipes.

Helmets are crafted with five diamonds following this recipe:



For chest plates, you need quite a lot of diamonds. Well, this part protects your vital organs, so better pour a whole lot of diamonds in them. Place your eight diamonds on your crafting table like such:



Leggings are sort of your protective pants in survival mode. Note the recipe for your seven diamonds:




Lastly, footwear. Your boots must always be in pairs, of course. Place four diamonds in this recipe:



What are the advantages of using Full Armor?

Crafting your full armor will surely be a lot of fun.  Gathering diamonds, constructing tools, crafting on your crafting table, all of these acts will help you obtain a nice full armor. But why do you even need a full armor in the first place?

Similar to real-life situations, armors can protect their users. Your chances of survival in Minecraft are significantly better if you have a good quality full armor on. Armors are more on the defensive side, protecting you from harm from different mobs and other players. A full armor can protect you from most damage. Unfortunately, you will not be protected from fall damage even if you have full armor.

Also, know that armors work really great with weapons. If you want to enhance your survival get-up further, you can add a shield on the off-hand spot on your armor slots.


Go ahead and start creating your full armor using diamonds now!


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