How Tall is Steve?

Minecraft is probably the most loved game amongst all the games created by Mojang Studios. This quickly became a hit with players all around the world that it was even crowned to be the best-selling video game of all time.

Why do gamers love Minecraft so much? Well, Minecraft is a fun game where players can control their own world- they can explore numerous terrains, discover and craft materials, build a ton of structures, and even compete with villagers, mobs and other even other players.

What makes this game even more fun compared to others is that you can create your own character and style it the way you want to. However, before you can build your own Minecraft player, you will first be introduced to a character named Steve. Minecraft Steve is a very popular character in the game since you get to control him as you face all the exciting adventures in the game.

How tall Is Minecraft Steve?

A player gives life to a game, and in Minecraft’s case, Steve does that. Steve is the default character that you see in Minecraft; the moment that you have downloaded the game, the character that you see on the right side of the screen when you open the app is named Steve.

Since Steve goes around discovering, crafting, and surviving on expansive terrains, are you curious about how tall he really is? Do you want to know how Steve’s height compares to the admirable landscapes, places, and objects in the Minecraft universe?

For you to have a general idea about the measurements in the world of Minecraft, an individual block is said to be one square meter. With each block, you can observe 16 pixels on each row and column. So if you compute it, each pixel would be 0.205 inches long.

Considering Steve’s stats, you can observe that he is a pretty tall and powerful character. His six-foot build is paired with superhuman baseline stats. He can sneak, walk, and sprint at speeds that can keep up with the best Olympic medalists to ever compete.

How tall is Minecraft Steve in feet?

If you go ahead and check on Steve, you will see that he is nearly two blocks tall. To be precise, Steve’s height is composed of one whole block and 15 pixels. By doing the calculations, we would arrive at Steve’s height: 6 feet, 4.02 inches.


How Tall Is Minecraft Alex?

Aside from Steve, another notable protagonist in the world of Minecraft is Alex. Alex is a character seen with long orange hair and a typical build for a Minecraft character. When you enter a map or server in Minecraft, you can spawn as either Steve or Alex when you play. However, note that this may be dependent on the Minecraft version that you intend to play.

Now that you have seen how tall Steve is, how about Alex? If you look at Alex, she is also almost two blocks in height. But looking closely with your camera pitch set to zero degrees, you will see that Alex is actually 30.5 pixels tall. If we follow the same conversion, we will compute Alex’s height to be 6 feet, 3 inches. She is undoubtedly taller than average girls.

Anyway, if you are curious, according to Lego Club Magazine, Steve and Alex are dating. Steve sure loves mining and building, while Alex loves hunting and adventures. Who knows, maybe their relationship started due to their shared passion for creating in the world of Minecraft. 

How Tall Is The Minecraft Player?

Steve and Alex are the default characters in Minecraft. But, there are many opportunities to create other unique characters in this game. To give you an idea, this section of the article can provide some breakdown of the more in-depth computation of the height of Minecraft players.

Again, the block’s baseline measurement that we follow is one cubic meter composed of 16×16 pixels. Using pixels is the most accurate way to calculate the height of Minecraft players. Here is the distribution of the pixels to each body part of a Minecraft character:

–        The player’s head would be 8x8x8 pixels

–        Their torso would be 12x8x4 pixels

–        The legs and arms would measure the same: 12x4x4 pixels

When these values are calculated, a total height of 6 feet 5.6 inches can be computed. Hence, in an average setting, a Minecraft character would be precisely two meters tall, or 6 feet, 5.6 inches.

Why are Minecraft characters so tall?

Knowing the height of Minecraft characters that run in the game can help you appreciate the vastness of the terrains and maps. Seeing these characters in these terrains will surely make you wonder, “how tall are they?” or “how would I compare to them if I was the one in the terrain?”


You now have a basic idea as to why Minecraft characters are so tall. They need that athletic build, rugged endurance, and amazing bodies to make sure that they can jump around and explore the arduous alchemy and building aspects of the Minecraft world!


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