How to Get Haste 2 Beacon



Here are the easy steps on how to get haste 2 beacon in Minecraft:

  1. Create a pyramid with the ore of your choosing.

  2. Put the beacon on the middle of the pyramid

  3. Right click on the beacon

  4. Put one iron ingot on the box next to the check button

  5. Click on the golden pickaxe on the Primary Power options. 


You already know how legendary Minecraft is and even experienced the fun of playing in it. But did you know that it can get even better? It’s easy to take your game to the next level, and we’re here to tell you how to do it.


There are a lot of options to make you play better in the Minecraft world. You can either use enchantments to improve the performance of your items and weapons, use cheats to make your life way easier, or make use of effects that improves your performance and changes how the mobs around you behave.


One of these effects is Haste, and if you want to know more about it, continue reading. 

What is Haste?

Haste is a status effect that makes you mine faster in Minecraft. Yes, it doesn’t have to take forever to break those blocks to get diamonds or coal; Haste can actually make mining faster by 20%, and if you are using Haste 2, it can improve by 40% depending on your level. 


This is particularly helpful if you are trying to stock up your ores while trying to fight off zombies, dodge the arrows of skeletons, and avoid getting bombed by creepers. You can also escape the surge of water or lava with this because you can easily break blocks and create your path to safety. 


Remember that in Minecraft, especially if you are in Survival mode, time is of the essence, and you should get whatever chance that you can to make you move faster and be more efficient as you play. 


How to get haste 2 beacon in Minecraft Java?

If you are using the latest version of Minecraft Java, here are the steps that you can follow to get haste 2 beacon:

1. Create a pyramid with the ore of your choosing.

To do this, you first need to lay down 9×9 blocks of the ore that you want to use on the very first layer of the pyramid. Then, on the second layer, starting from the second block, lay down 7×7 blocks. Then on the third later, lay down 5×5 blocks, then on the topmost layer, lay down 3×3 blocks. 

I just made the pyramid using Emerald blocks, but you can technically use any ore like Iron, Diamond, Red Stone, Gold, or Lapiz Lazuli. 

2. Put the beacon on the top of the pyramid. 

Get the beacon from your inventory, then put it on top of the pyramid. 

3. Right click on the beacon.

A pop-up options bar will appear. Here is where you can power up and apply status effects on the beacon that you have made. 

4. Select the iron ingot and put it on the box next to the check button. 

You can see it on the left side of the pop-up. 

5. Select the axe on the left portion of the pop-up.

6. Click the check button on the right of the Iron ingot. 

How to get haste 2 beacon in Minecraft Bedrock?

There is not much of a difference with getting haste 2 beacon in Minecraft Java, so you can just follow the instructions above. The only problem is that in Minecraft Bedrock, it might take a while before you can actually see the difference in the speed of how you mine. I for one thought that it wasn’t working, so I removed the beacon first, checked if I created the pyramid correctly, then did all the steps all over again. 


How to craft a Beacon?

If you are in Creative mode, it is fairly easy to craft a Beacon. All there is to do is to press ‘E’ on the keyboard to reveal the inventory, search for Beacon and it will immediately give you this item. 


The trickier part is when you are in Survival Mode. You would first need to have these items to create a Beacon:

  1. Nether Star
  2. 5 Glass Blocks
  3. 3 Obsidian Blocks
  4. Crafting Table

With the crafting table, Put the Nether star in the center and surround it with 5 glass blocks all over, with 3 obsidian blocks at its bottom. This recipe yields 1 Beacon. 

How many blocks for a haste 2 beacon to light up?

You need a total of 164 ore blocks to create a pyramid where your beacon would rest on. On the first layer, you would have 9×9 blocks which would be 81 in total; the second layer, you would have 7×7 blocks which would be 49; the third layer would have 5×5 which would be 25 in total; then the top most layer will consist of 9 blocks. 

In conclusion

Haste 2 will make you mine faster in Minecraft by 40%. To get haste 2 beacon, you need to create a pyramid first, then put the beacon on top, right click on it to use apply the haste 2 status effect, then you can see the improvement on your Minecraft character. 


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