How to get Mushroom Blocks in Minecraft

If you are into exploring lots of terrains, Minecraft is a game that gives you one of the best experiences. As you wander thru different terrain in either creative or survival mode, you may get to one very special biome. In this biome, the ground is filled with mycelium instead of the usual grass that you see. Also, the only mobs that you can see would be these red cows

You have guessed it right; this is the mushroom islands, a big area filled with colossal mushrooms. Did you find yourself in this kind of biome, and you are not sure as to how you can make the most out of your trip here? Do not worry, this article will be your guide. Read more to find out about Mushroom Blocks and how to obtain them in different Minecraft editions.



What are Mushroom Blocks in Minecraft?

As you have visualized earlier, the mushroom island is unique because it is filled with numerous towering mushrooms. However, they are not the usual mushroom that you see in real life. Aside from having a huge appearance in Minecraft, these blocks exist in three kinds – the Red Mushroom Blocks, Brown Mushroom Blocks, and the Mushroom Stem. You can get mushroom items from huge mushrooms, mooshrooms, or normal small mushrooms.



Looking into the huge mushroom, using bone meal on red or brown mushrooms will force them to grow into these giant mushrooms, given that there is enough room to accommodate their growth. You can break the huge mushrooms to obtain Mushroom Blocks. But, note that you might encounter a different outcome if you try breaking them with a tool enchanted with or without a Silk Touch.

As you obtain these blocks in different ways, you can keep them in your inventory and use them as building resources. With mushroom blocks, you need to strategize as to how you would obtain them. Then, you can use your creative juices to come up with building a base decoration that you desire. Moreover, these Mushroom Blocks obtained can be used as fuel. You can smelt these blocks and get the fuel you need.



How to get a Mushroom Block in Minecraft

Now that you have seen the possible uses that you may have with Mushroom Blocks in Minecraft, you would surely want to get to know the steps you need to get your own. Here are the general steps that you need to follow in order to obtain mushroom blocks:

1.Go to a swamp, dark forest, or mushroom biomes.


2.Break mushrooms by right-clicking them.



3.Retrieve them by an ax enchanted with Silk Touch

Generally, if you want to get Mushroom Blocks, you need to have an enchantment. In this case, you would need the Silk Touch enchantment. You need to enchant your tools with the Silk Touch for mining items that usually do not drop on their own.

How do you get Mushroom Blocks in Minecraft without silk touch?

When obtaining Mushroom Blocks from the biomes enumerated earlier, you need a tool. They are fairly easy to break with mushrooms regardless of what tool you would equip for the job. The best one, though, would be an ax.

If you do not enchant your ax with Silk Touch, you can still follow the general steps mentioned earlier regarding mining mushroom blocks. However, breaking them without Silk Touch will make them drop only around 0 – 2 mushrooms, not the Mushroom Blocks that we are talking about. This mushroom dropped will have the same color as that of the huge mushroom that you tore down. In contrast with the tool with the Silk Enchantment, you immediately obtain mushroom blocks.

How to get Mushroom Blocks in Minecraft Bedrock?

You have surely come across different Minecraft versions. First, let us talk about Minecraft Bedrock, or simply the Bedrock. This is any non-Java edition of Minecraft that is available as a multi-platform game fit for flexible gamers.

In Bedrock you can apply the same Mushroom-Block-harvesting steps mentioned previously. The slight difference might be that in this Minecraft version, expect that the stem blocks drop also. Another Bedrock exclusive is the availability of Giant Mushroom Blocks for your Creative Inventory. Unfortunately, you cannot use them in Survival mode.

How to get mushroom blocks in Minecraft Java?

Now, let us talk about Minecraft Java. This is considered as the original Minecraft version for any platforms such as Windows, Linux, and macOS. For this edition, you can use the same steps above for harvesting Mushroom Blocks. Just make sure that you have enchanted your tool with Silk Touch, or else you cannot expect Mushroom Blocks to drop from them. The brown and red mushroom blocks and mushroom stems are readily available in your Creative Inventory after harvesting.

So, it is now time for you to apply all your newly-found Mushroom-Block-harvesting skills!


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