How to Get Out of Boat

You are going into a nice trip on the waters of Minecraft, enjoying the scenery. When you reach the dock, you realize your character seems to enjoy the boat seat so much that you can’t get up because you don’t know how to leave the boat.

Fortunately, it’s quite simple to leave the boat once you’re inside of it. If you are using the default controls, then just press LEFT SHIFT for PC/Mac, or the RIGHT STICK for consoles. 

If these controls don’t work, or you have changed the default keybinds for Minecraft, you will have to check the keybind for the SNEAK action.

How Do You Use The Boat in Minecraft

If you would like to explore the great unknown beyond the blue waters of a Minecraft world, then using the boat is the most convenient way of transportation. You do have the option of swimming across rivers, but ocean trips are best done with a boat.

Using a boat is fairly straightforward:

1. If you have the boat docked in the waters already, then simply right-click on it and you will snuggle up nicely inside the boat. You can fit in one other character or mob with you.

2. If you still have the boat on your inventory, you will have to place it by selecting the boat on the hotbar then right-clicking on a 2×2 area. The boat will then be ready for your use.

3. If you are already on the boat, then navigating it is also straightforward. You can easily use the movement buttons to move the boat, which work similarly as if you were on land.

However, if you are done with your nice little cruise on the Minecraft seas and river channels, you might have forgotten one teeny-tiny detail: how to get out of the boat.

Can’t Get Out of Boat Minecraft

If you were waddling around the waters in your dandy little boat and found yourself unable to leave, fret not as you’re not alone. It’s an easy detail to miss, so we don’t blame you.

If you know that you have not changed the default settings for the controls and the keybinds, the default key to get out of boat in Minecraft is the LEFT SHIFT key for the Java Edition for PC/Mac and Bedrock Edition for Windows 10.

Note that the game makes a specific distinction for the LEFT SHIFT key. You have to press the SHIFT key on the left side of the keyboard, as shown in the picture below.

For the Bedrock Edition in consoles such as the Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and the PlayStations, you can just press the RIGHT STICK on their respective controllers.

For the Pocket Edition (mobile version of Minecraft on Android and iOS), it’s even simpler as the game provides a handy “Leave Boat” button that you can press to, well, leave the boat.

How Do You Exit a Boat in Minecraft

However, there will be instances when you have configured your controls to your own preferences and may have forgotten which controls are which. 

If you are on the Bedrock Edition for consoles and the Pocket Edition, this is not a major concern for you as the keybind for leaving the boat is non-configurable or cannot be changed by the user at all. 

However, if you are on the Java Edition for PC/Mac or the Bedrock Edition for Windows 10, and the default controls don’t work on you, chances are you might have changed their keybinds, whether inadvertently or deliberately.

Fortunately, Minecraft actually shows a prompt when you just rode the boat, telling you how to dismount from the boat. If you have the default controls, the prompt will tell you to press LEFT SHIFT. 

The prompt also updates itself if you change the default keybind and will show the correct key to press once you ride the boat.

However, this prompt does not last forever, and you can easily forget it if you have been traveling with the boat for hours on end.

To find the keybind for leaving the boat:

  1. Go to the Game Menu by pressing Esc.
  2. Go to Options > Controls 
  3. Go to Keybinds. Check the keybind for the SNEAK action. The keybind for leaving the boat is shared with the SNEAK action, so the keybind for the SNEAK action is also the same keybind for leaving the boat.

Basically, to leave the boat, you need to press the key for Sneaking. If your Sneak button is on toggle mode, you will immediately Sneak on top of your boat after getting out.

How To Properly Get Out of Boat

There you have it! Now you know how to properly get out of the boat in Minecraft without having to destroy the boat and sink in the middle of the ocean. You don’t have to look so lost while figuring out how to get out of the boat after your luxurious cruise.

Don’t be afraid to explore beyond the blue waters of Minecraft and sail your boat past the horizons!

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