How To Get Sharpness 5

In essence, there are two ways to survive in Minecraft: the easy but slow way, and the quick but tricky way. You can use the usual tools and items to kill your opponents to live, but it will definitely take a longer time to defeat them. On the other hand, you can use different enchantments like Sharpness 5 on your tools to kill mobs and villagers easier. 

This is how you can get sharpness 5:

  1. Make sure that you have the items that you will need
    • Enchanting table
    • Enchantment book
    • Anvil
  2. Right click on the site where you want to put your enchantment table and surround it with bookshelves.
  3. Get your anvil from your inventory and right click it on the site where you want to put it. 
  4. Find and enchant Sharpness level 1 books
  5. Click on the enchantment table. 
  6. Go to the anvil
  7. Combine the Sharpness 1 books until you reach Sharpness 5


What is Sharpness Enchantment

Sharpness is an enchantment that increases your melee damage. When you say “melee damage”, it is the destruction that you give to the opponent in close combat. 


The minimum level of sharpness that you can give in an item is Sharpness I. This can increase to sharpness 2, sharpness 3, sharpness 4, up until the maximum level- sharpness 5. 


The damage it can give varies according to the version of Minecraft that you are playing with, like for example in Minecraft Java, Sharpness V can give 3 damage per hit and a 0.5 * level + 0.5 extra damage. On the other hand, for Minecraft Bedrock, Sharpness V can give 6.25 damage per hit and a 1.25 extra damage, which is way more than other versions of Minecraft. 


What is the easiest way to get Sharpness 5

Enchant your weapon with Sharpness 5

1.Make sure that you have the items that you will need.

  • Enchantment table
  • Enchantment books
  • Anvil

If you are in creative mode, these items are readily available in your inventory. It can be seen under Items, Decorations or Miscellaneous. 

If you are in survival mode, you have to craft it on your own. To craft an enchantment table, place 1 book, 2 diamonds, and 4 obsidian in this order:

You can also create an anvil by placing 3 bloocks of iron and 4 iron ingots in the 3×3 crafting grid.

2.Right click on the site where you want to put your enchantment table and surround it with bookshelves. 

3.Get your anvil from your inventory and right click it on the site where you want to put it. 

4.Click on the enchanting table. 

Find the Sharpness level 1 books that you want to upgrade

You have to click on the enchantment book and keep clicking on Sharpness I.

5.Go to the anvil.

This item is important in combining the books with Sharpness 1 until you reach Sharpness 5 and enchant your weapon with it.

If you don’t have an anvil, you can easily craft one yourself using four blocks of iron or four iron ingots. 

6.Combine the Sharpness 1 book until you reach Sharpness 5. 


Combine Sharpness 1 book with Sharpness 1 to get Sharpness 2.

Combine Sharpness 2 book with Sharpness 2 to get Sharpness 3.

Combine Sharpness 3 book with Sharpness 3 to get Sharpness 4.

Combine Sharpness 4 book with Sharpness 4 to get Sharpness 5.


Trade your weapon with other villagers


Villagers can help you get the enchanted weapons that you will need. If you come across a villager, you can get them to switch jobs to being a weaponsmith by putting a grindstone next to them. Remember that you can only do this method for unemployed villagers. 

Once you are able to let the villager switch jobs, you can then trade your items with Sharpness 5 enchantment or an enchanted weapon with Sharpness 5. 


How do I enchant my weapon with Sharpness 5? 

You can easily enchant your weapon with Sharpness 5 or with whatever enchantment you need by using your anvil. 


1.Right click on the anvil.

2.Click and drag the item or weapon that you want to enchant on the first box.

3.Click and drag the enchantment book on the second box. 

4.Click on the enchanted weapon and keep it in your inventory.


What are the items that I can enchant with Sharpness 5?

You can enchant these weapons with sharpness 5: 

  • Axe
  • Diamond Axe
  • Golden Axe
  • Iron Axe
  • Stone Axe
  • Wooden Axe
  • Netherite Axe
  • Diamond Sword
  • Golden Sword
  • Iron Sword
  • Stone Sword
  • Wooden Sword
  • Netherite Sword

How many XP do I need to use Sharpness 5?

If you are playing in Creative Mode, there is no need to have XP to get Sharpness 5. You can easily get it by pressing the E key in your keyboard for your inventory, and just get the enchanted book for this.

However, if you are playing in Survival Mode, enchanting a weapon with Sharpness 5 takes away 8xp from you. But you don’t have to worry because it is fairly easy to gain XP in Minecraft. Basic tasks like smelting and killing mobs can help you gain back the XP that you spent in enchanting your weapon. 


In conclusion


To increase damage in your attack, you can enchant your weapon using Sharpness V. You can do this by either enchanting your weapon using an anvil or by trading it with other villagers. This will make your weapon even more efficient in killing mobs and animals, and help you survive in the Minecraft world. 


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