How to keep water from freezing in Minecraft

You might have come across an odd but common situation where you want to sit in the overworld of Minecraft, but you find yourself lacking the option to do so. For some reason, vanilla Minecraft does not allow you to sit at all outside of specific instances. 

Luckily, you can use various mods that allow you to sit. One of the more prominent mods, Sit, allows you to sit in specific blocks (i.e. slabs, blocks, and one-half of a bed) by simply right-clicking on that block with an empty hand. Simply press Shift and you’ll be up right away.
Water is a fluid that you can use for a variety of tasks in the Overworld. You need water if you want to grow your crops, if you want to go fishing, and even save yourself from death if you are on the brink of falling down a cliff. 


Read this article if you want to know how to keep water from freezing in your Minecraft world!


1. Avoid putting or building your water source in a snowy biome


This is the number one law that you have to abide by if you don’t want your water to freeze: Never put them in a snowy biome. Water, when placed in a snowy biome will turn into ice within a minute or so. 

Although using water is inevitable if you want to explore snowy biomes, expect that it will eventually turn into ice if you let it out in the open for too long. 

2. Use a form of light to keep water from freezing


Light is important in Minecraft if you are farming and trying to protect yourself from mob spawning, and keep water from Freezing. Here are the light sources that I often use to keep water from freezing, along with the list of useful light sources in Minecraft that can also get the job done. 




Whatever level you are in, you can get access to torches. It looks like a lighted matchstick in the game, but this is an effective tool to keep your water from freezing. I usually surround my water source with torches to make sure that the water won’t freeze. 


Lanterns on Minecraft can light up a wider range of space compared to other light sources. You can hang a lantern over water to keep it from freezing.


(This is what I usually do whenever I want to start planting in a cold biome. I usually put water and hang a lantern on top of it, then start planting crops around it.)


Beacon (Level 15)  

Beacon is a very effective tool to keep water from turning into ice, however, this is a symbol of greatness in Minecraft that only really good Minecraft players have the ability to make this. 


Campfire (Level 15)  

It is easy to craft a campfire to use it as a light source to keep water from freezing. You only need to have a stick and coal or a charcoal and a log to make one. This emits a level 15 light intensity so this can definitely do the job. 


Lava (Level 15) 

For a wide water source, I suggest the usage of Lava blocks to keep them from freezing. Although bear in mind that if you are using the Java version, it is not possible to get Lava blocks only exist in Minecraft Bedrock. 


Glowstone (Level 15)

This is an uncommon option to keep your water from freezing, but this is very effective when you are building a larger water source. You can just put the Glowstones underneath the water blocks and they will prevent them from turning into ice. 


If you want to know how to make a Glowstone in Minecraft, click on this link. 

3. Cover your water source


Another useful trick to keep water from freezing in a cold biome is to cover it with a slab of block. Exposing your water to the sky will turn it to ice.

4. Put Glowstones underneath the water blocks


Glowstones are not rare, but new players don’t usually have an access to them since they can only be harvested from the Nether

This is the method that I do when I have to use Glowstones to prevent water from freezing: After digging and laying the foundation of your water source, put one layer of Glowstones blocks on it, then you can already put your water in it. 


Some prefer putting glass on top of the Glowstones before putting water in it, but I usually skip this step. 


How to keep water from freezing in Minecraft Bedrock


There’s not a lot of difference between Minecraft Bedrock and Minecraft Java, but here are some tips that I can share with you to keep water from freezing in Minecraft Bedrock.


1. Use a lot of torches


Using torches is my own preference, but you can always use any light source with a higher light level.

2. Put a slab of blocks over the water to keep it from freezing. 


Most tutorials online say that the height of the slab from the water does not matter, but I advice that you put the slab as close as you can to the water source to keep it from freezing. 


How to keep water from freezing in Minecraft Java

1. Use lava to keep them from turning into ice

I often use lava and other light sources with higher light levels since I have observed that water turns into ice faster in Java compared to the Bedrock edition. Exposure to snowfall can instantly turn water into ice, so we need a more intense light source to prevent that. 


In conclusion


Water is a useful tool for every Minecraft player, but they oftentimes turn into ice when you leave them out in the open or build them in cold and snowy biomes. You can keep water from freezing in Minecraft by doing these things:


  • Avoid putting or building your water source in a snowy biome.
  • Use a form of light to keep water from freezing. 
  • Cover your water source.
  • Use Glowstones underneath the waterblocks. 


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