How to kill Enderman

If you have been playing Minecraft for quite some time, you might have already been familiar with mobs. A ‘mob’ is the term that sdescribes the living entities that you can come across in Minecraft. They can interactLike any living creature, they are vulnerable to being attacked by the players in the game.


One of the different mobs that have been introduced in Minecraft is the character called the ‘Enderman’. This mob was inspired by the infamous Creepypasta character called the ‘Slenderman’- a creepy lurker that creates paranoia to his victim by stalking and lurking  before actually attacking them. The Enderman’s features in Minecraft are even similar to the Slenderman, as they appear as entirely black, lean, and with long limbs and legs. 


Is the Enderman something that you should be afraid of? Yes, because it can become hostile fast. But can you kill them? Absolutely, and here are the tricks on how to do it. 

What is the easiest trick to kill Enderman?

Other sites might suggest you to use a water bucket to kill an Enderman- but do not do this. Water only makes an Enderman teleport away, and if he successfully does this, they might teleport behind you and attack you without you knowing it. Although they take damage from water, they will not be killed. 

If you want to kill Enderman mobs, these are the easiest ways to do so:


1. Hit the Enderman with a diamond sword. 

A diamond sword with Sharpness IV could effectively kill an Enderman in 2 or 3 hits. 


2. Hit the Enderman with a diamond axe.

A diamond axe can severely damage an Enderman’s health, reducing its 20 health stats to 15 in one critical hit.


3. Attack them from where they won’t be able to reach you.

Build a 3×3 platform with a gap of 2 blocks or more from the ground. Stand on this platform while you aim at them. 

4. Always bring water buckets. 

Water buckets will not be able to kill an Enderman, but they take damage from getting hit with water water buckets, so keeping water buckets while fighting off an Enderman can help you out


What is the hardest way to kill Enderman?

The hardest way to kill an Enderman is to hit them with your bare hands. But there are times when you literally get mobbed by Endermen, and simply hitting them couldn’t save you. This maybe the hard way to save your life, but I can guarantee you that this trick would work.


One of the difficult part in attacking an Enderman is the fact that they are able to teleport, so it is highly recommended that you don’t only play offense, but you also know how to play defense. 


The first option that you can do is build yourself a hide-out made of cobblestones. Create a tiny slit at the bottom portion of your hide-out so that you can monitor the Endermen’s activity outside. Once you see them coming near you, strike or hit them on the feet so that they will not be able to teleport. This will stop the Endermen from teleporting to you. 

1. Build a hide-out made of cobblestone blocks.

Endermen can pick up grass blocks, dirt blocks, sand blocks, clay blocks, gravel blocks,  glass blocks, gold blocks, diamond blocks, iron blocks, melon blocks, and even pumpkins. However, they can’t pick up cobblestone blocks. 

2. Create a tiny slit at the button of your hide-out so you can monitor the Endermen’s activity outside. 


3. Strike the Endermen’s feet to prevent it from teleporting.

4.Get out of your hideout and start attacking them with your sword. 


The second option is trapping them on a boat. The first step that you should do is to secure yourself a boat. When an Enderman is about to attack you, release the boat and hop on it while you wait for them to teleport towards you. Once they also get in the boat, jump out of the boat. At this time, the Enderman will be trapped and you can start hitting them. 


1. Secure yourself a boat.

If you don’t have a boat yet, you will be needing 5 oakwood blocks and a shovel to do this step. Put these in your crafting table to create your boat. 

2. Get the boat from your inventory.

3. Right-click the site where you want to put your boat.

4. Lure the Enderman inside the boat. 


5. Jump out of the boat and start attacking them. 


How many hits does it take to kill an Enderman?

The number of hits that will end and Enderman depends on your weapon of choice. If you are using a diamond sword, it will take 3 hits before they get killed. If you are using a diamond axe, or an enchanted sword, you will be able to kill them with only one hit. 

In conclusion

The Enderman is one of the mobs that are present in Minecraft. They can take away your blocks, your items and even kill you in the game. The easiest way to kill an Enderman is to hit them with a diamond sword or a diamond axe and the hardest way to kill them is to build a hide-out and trap them in a boat. 


We hope this article helped you survive an Enderman attack and enjoyed playing Minecraft. 


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