How To Make Aluminum Plates In Pixelmon

Way back in 2015, a new mod was added to Minecraft, and this server immediately skyrocketed in popularity.

This server is the Pixelmon and if you are not familiar with it yet, Pixelmon incorporates the Pokémon world in Minecraft. This includes the Pokémon, the enjoyable battle, trades, and even Pokémon breeding.

The Minecraft world incorporated the mechanics of battling and matchmaking, which is very similar to the Generation 8 Pokémon games that have grown very well with us gamers. Since Pixelmon is basically the Pokémon world in the Minecraft arena, new features have been incorporated into the server to align with how Minecraft players would do tasks and accomplish missions in-game.

Pixelmon was created to cater to players and servers who can stri ve for their own goals. The amazing fact here is that you can choose what goals you want. You can choose to challenge other players, complete your Pokédex or whichever destination you aim to reach.

In contrast to what you would usually expect in a Pokémon game, Pixelmon does not include random encounters for meeting and battling Pokémon and trainers. Pixelmon spawns Pokémon in the Overworld, where players can engage with it.

In Pixelmon, one of the essential mechanics you need to know about is crafting aluminum plates. What are these aluminum plates, and how can you use these in the game? This article will let you know the answers to these questions.

Where should I use an aluminum plate in Pixelmon?

An aluminum plate is something that will come in handy in Pixelmon. You can use this to spawn Pokémon. Also, with aluminum plates, you can craft it into PCs, Fossil Cleaners, Itemfinders, Healing Tables, and many more.

So, knowing how to craft aluminum plates is really essential. However, if you hover over aluminum plates in the game, you might be surprised not to see the recipe for it. How can you craft your aluminum plate in Pixelmon?

What are the items you need to make an aluminum plate?

You may not be aware of it, but crafting aluminum plates is very easy! You basically need an aluminum ingot, an anvil, and a hammer. Also, do not forget that you need your coal, furnace, and your crafting table.

Now let me walk you through how to craft aluminum plates and help you get started with your Pixelmon journey.

First up, you need to look for Bauxite Ores. These are not your regular Iron Ores. Go and try out your patience in caves or dungeon as you go and look for Bauxite Ores here. Once you find them, go ahead and dig them with your ax to accumulate them for the next step.

Once you have a fair amount of Bauxite Ores, go ahead and toss I into the furnace with your coal. Now, please wait for it to cook, and voila! You now have the aluminum ingot.


After making your ingots, you can now place them on your anvil and start hammering. If you have not crafted your own hammer and anvil yet, you can follow the crafting recipe like so:

So go ahead and hammer your aluminum ingots until you get your very own aluminum plate.

How many plates do I need to spawn a Pokémon?

Plates are held items that can raise the holder’s power by 20%. Take note that this boost only works by corresponding the plate to a Pokémon type. In Pixelmon, there are 17 different types of these plates. The number 17 also happens to correspond to the number of Pokémon types in the familiar Pokémon games that you know.

When you get all these 17 plates, you can use each of them on an Arc Chalice. This Arc Chalice will provide you with the Azure Flute to summon Arceus successfully. Arceus is the most powerful legendary Pokémon known to be the creator of the whole Pokémon universe. Summoning Arceus is a huge mission to accomplish here on Pixelmon.

What are the different plates I can use In Pixelmon?

There are numerous kinds of plates that you can use in Pixelmon. Each of these plates corresponds to the Pokémon types. To be precise, there are 17 Pokémon types, namely, dragon, dark, ground, fighting, fire, ice, bug, steel, grass, psychic, fairy, flying, water, ghost, rock, poison, and electric. Hence there are 17 different plates that you can use.

You can work on having to craft all these 17 plates to get a chance to summon Arceus.

In conclusion

Playing the Pixelmon mod in Minecraft can be the next best game that you would play. It is best for players who absolutely adore Pokémon games. But with the Minecraft world, you get to incorporate your Pokémon journey with a lot of crafting.

So, invite your friends, craft together, and accomplish goals in this fantastic Pokémon universe, the Pixelmon.

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