How to make Minecraft fullscreen

Minecraft is a fantastic game that you can play with your friends to create and survive different maps. To have the best gaming experience, most players would love to have the game on fullscreen, especially on their laptops or monitors.

A universal keyboard shortcut to making Minecraft go fullscreen on most desktops and laptops is to use the keyboard shortcut “F11.”

You can follow these simple steps to enjoy your game on fullscreen:

  1. Open the Minecraft app
  2. Click the “Play” button
  3. Press “F11”

Playing the game on fullscreen is ideal for some players, but others do not prefer so. With a small screen, playing in full screen will help you quickly see all the nooks and crannies of the maps.

Furthermore, this significantly boosts your ability to spot loots, crates, and other helpful stuff to help you in your gameplay.

Unfortunately, some players avoid the fullscreen gaming experience because it can cause too much eyestrain, especially if they have a giant monitor to project their games with.


Why is Minecraft not fullscreen?

Minecraft is not on fullscreen by default. However, there are times when you may run into several issues when you play Minecraft. Remember, for the game to work on your PC and laptops, numerous factors can affect its performance and overall game smoothness.

If your Minecraft game does not launch on full screen or fails to toggle even when hitting the F11 on your keyboard, it may be because of the Windows or graphics card version.

To fix this, you can follow the different fullscreen steps here in this article.



How To make Minecraft fullscreen on Windows 10

When playing with Minecraft on your laptops or PC running on Windows 10, there may be some instances where you cannot toggle the game onto fullscreen mode. To help you, here are the steps that you need to see to make Minecraft full screen on Windows 10:

  1. Launch Minecraft on your devices as you normally would.
  2. Click on “Settings”
  3. On the left panel, you can scroll down. Look for “Video.” Make sure to switch the “Fullscreen” switch to “On.”
  4. Then, Click on “Change Screen Safe Area.”
  5. Four corner markers will appear on your screen. You can use the Safe Area slider to adjust the location of these corners. These will mark the edges of your fullscreen display. Click “Confirm” after you are satisfied with the location of the corner markers.

After following these steps, you can now go back to the main screen and continue playing and choosing your map like normal. You can now enjoy your game on fullscreen!


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How to make Minecraft fullscreen on Mac

Now, if you are using macOS to play your Minecraft, setting it to fullscreen mode have a pretty different set of steps:

  1. Go to your “System Preferences” and look for “Keyboard.”
  2. On the top buttons, switch over to “Keyboard Shortcuts.”
  3. On the left panel, go to “Mission Control.” Here, you will see “Show Desktop.” Make sure to uncheck it.

After following these steps, you can go back to launching your Minecraft game normally. Click on F11 on your keyboard, and your game will now be on fullscreen.


How to make Minecraft fullscreen borderless

Borderless Minecraft is useful for some instances because it helps you access non-game-related keyboard shortcuts while you are playing. Or, you can put a different application over your game to help you play.

For example, you can put notes or YouTube videos overlying your game. This can help guide you as you survive or craft meticulous recipes.

Before starting, you need to set your video settings from the fullscreen from on to off. You can find this in the “Options” on the home screen.

  1. You can begin by downloading the latest edition of Borderless Minecraft. Once you have opened the downloaded .exe file, you will have this window.

  2. This Borderless mod can be applied on whatever Minecraft edition you have running. Choose which Minecraft you want to go borderless on this window and hit “Go Borderless!”


How to make Minecraft fullscreen on the second monitor

Minecraft is a game that needs lots of recipes and know-how to help the player efficiently run on maps and survive different game modes.

Hence, playing on dual monitors is also fairly common in Minecraft gamers. Having a second monitor helps save you from the hassle of setting up overlying applications to help you play.

Running a fullscreen Minecraft on your second monitor is relatively easy. If you are using a Windows operating system, you need to press Win + Shift + Right or Left Arrow.


How to make Minecraft fullscreen on Optifine

To help you run the game smoother and faster, you can try downloading OptiFine – an optimization mod for different Minecraft editions.

If you are running this, you can still play your game on full screen by pressing the default F11 key to toggle it to fullscreen.


How to make Minecraft fullscreen on TLauncher

TLauncher is quite a widespread cracked version of Minecraft. This is popular among many players who would love to play different versions of Minecraft.

Unfortunately, TLauncher is not an officially licensed version. But, you can still play the game, along with different maps, skins, mods, and gaming experiences.

To make your Minecraft fullscreen on TLauncher:

  1. Open the game and go to “Options.”
  2. Select “Video,” and click on “Fullscreen.”

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