How to make nether wart grow faster

One of the most mystical and dangerous dimensions that you can ever be in in Minecraft is the Nether. 

If you haven’t been to Nether yet, the most distinctive quality that it has is its dark and overall gloomy surroundings that you actually have to crank up the brightness setting of your screen so you can have a better vision of the place. There’s no day time nor any types of weather in the Nether, but it sure has this creepy vibes all the time.

The moment you step out of the portal and into this place, you will also notice that there is almost no vegetation in this place. Yes, you can see grass and fungi here and there, but know that these plants are different from the ones that you see in the Overworld. Nonetheless, they are very useful if you are in Survival Mode, especially the fungi called Netherwart. 

How do I grow a nether wart?

A Nether wart is a clump of tiny, red-shaped ‘plant’ (or tiny red balloon) that you can only see in the Nether. They are most commonly found in the Nether Fortress or a Bastion Remnant. Unless you are in the Creative Mode, you have to get Nether warts from the Nether first, before growing them on your own to use it in creating potions, netherstones, or trade it with another villager to get the supplies that you will need in the game. 


To grow a nether wart, you first have to get a hold of a Nether wart and soul sand in the Nether. You have to create a portal and go to the Nether, and look for a Nether Fortress or a Bastion Remnant. Then, you have to explore these places to see if there are any nether warts available. Once you see them, you can right-click on them and store them in your inventory. 


1. Create a portal to the Nether.

2. Look for a Nether Fortress or a Bastion Remnant.

If you are a beginner, a Nether Fortress is the large tower-like structure that you will find in the Nether. You can find this place by exploring the nearby area from where you were spawned as they are commonly close or just a mountain away from the portal. If you still can’t see it, you would probably need to create your own bridge to cross the lava ocean as this place might be on the other edge of the smoldering blocks of lava. 


It will take some time to discover a Nether Fortress and a Bastion Remnant, but you have to find them to get your hands on the Nether wart. 


3.Find a Nether wart farm.

This will look like a pumpkin patch, but with Nether warts planted in it. 


4.Harvest the Nether wart using any Fortune III tool.

If your pick-axe or any instrument that you are using to harvest the Netherwart has Fortune III, you will be able to harvest more Nether warts at once. 

After collecting the nether warts that you need, your next goal is to get soul sand. Soul sand is the only blocks where Nether warts grow, so you have to make sure that you have them before coming back to the Overworld. You can find soul sand blocks four blocks deep in the nether wastes. By then, you would be ready to plant your Nether warts. 

Once you are in the Overworld, the next thing that you should do is to lay down the soul sand. Remember that nether warts don’t grow on any other land, so this is important. Then, you can now place your nether warts by right-clicking on the soul sand with your Nether warts at hand. 


1.Put the soul sand on the site where you want to plant your Nether warts. 

2.Get the Nether wart from your inventory to your tools tab.

3.Left-click on the soul sand to plant the Nether wart.

How long does it take for a nether wart to grow?

On average, Nether warts grow within 11 minutes, and fully matures after 30 minutes, which is also the time when you can harvest them. Unfortunately, unlike any other vegetations available in Minecraft, you will not be able to make their growth faster by putting fertilizers such as Bone Meal. 

How to make nether wart grow faster in Minecraft Bedrock?

If you think you can make Nether warts in Minecraft Bedrock frow faster by exposing them to a light source, water or bone meals, you are wrong. I haven’t really tried to make them grow faster, but it has been stated from different Minecraft forums that Nether warts can still grow faster by putting the soul sand on top of lava, since lava makes them grow three times faster. Therefore, you need to simulate the conditions it has from the Nether to make sure it grows fast and be ready for harvest in no time. 

How to make nether wart grow faster in Minecraft Java?

Aside from being able to mine a Nether wart using a hoe, there is not much of a difference between Nether warts in Bedrock than in Java. You can still use put lava under the soul sand and try to replicate the conditions and environment in the Nether to allow a faster growth for your Nether warts. 


In conclusion

To make a Netherwart grow faster, you can put lava blocks underneath the soul sand where you are trying to plant it on. You can also try to mimic the environment in the Nether if you want to make your Nether warts grow faster.