How to Make Trees Grow Faster in Minecraft

To survive in Minecraft, you need to have the best possible set of strategies. Aside from the weather and the mobs, one of the challenges that you will have in this game is time. The faster you move, build, and acquire things, the more chances you would have to survive in this game.

One of the best ways to continue building and crafting in Minecraft is to have the essential resources first. A good example of essential resources are the trees. You have to know how to grow trees and get all sorts of benefits from them. Trees are handy resources in Minecraft. Also, they are found in different climates, locations, and they grow in all kinds of sizes and shapes.



If you are interested to learn how to grow your trees in Minecraft, then this article has a step-by-step guide for you!

How To Make Trees Grow Faster in Minecraft in Creative Mode

These are the usual steps to make your tree grow faster in Minecraft in Creative Mode. The first thing that you should do is to get your sapling. You can find your sapling by pressing the ‘E’ key to open your inventory. You can use the search bar and type ‘sapling’ so it could easily show up. Then, you should left click on it and place it in your item bar. After getting your sapling, you should also get a bone meal. Once you have gotten them both, go to your desired location where you will plant your tree, plant the sapling and right click on it with the bone meal at hand. You no longer have to wait for a 1-3 in game days for it to grow.

1.Get your saplings by pressing “E” to open your inventory. Once you find your desired sapling, left-click on it and place it in your item bar.

2.Plant your sapling in your desired area.

3. Go back to your inventory and get 1 Bone Meal.

4. Right click on the sapling with the Bone Meal at hand. 



5. Watch the tree grow instantly. 


There are numerous types of trees to grow. So, there are different kinds of saplings to try and plant! Here is a quick guide on the types of trees to grow:

    Acacia has a unique visual pattern and can grow as large canopies.

    Birch trees are those with pale green leaves and white trunks.

    Dark oaks are, of course, darker-colored trees.

    Jungle trees are very tall and can be seen with some growing vines.

    Oak trees are the most generic-looking trees in the game.

    Spruce trees have slightly darker and denser leaves.


These trees vary in size. But did you know that you can grow some of the largest trees in Minecraft when you play Creative Mode? Creative Mode is one of the primary modes here on Minecraft. Basically, it removes the need for the player to survive. So, all you need to do is have fun and explore building or growing stuff until you are ready to apply your skills in Survival Mode!

How to Make Trees Grow Faster In Minecraft in Survival Mode

Now that you have seen how to do it in Creative Mode, how about in Survival Mode? Survival Mode now involves more strategic planning for the player. Here, you now need to build, explore, and most importantly, survive! It actually involves the same series of steps as that of the Creative Mode!

1.Decide on what sapling you would like to grow into a tree. Once you have decided, place this sapling from your inventory into your item bar.

2.Pick an area where you want a nice tree to grow. Then, plant your sapling on the desire location by right-clicking on the sapling on your item bar.

3.Just like in Creative Mode, you can also make your tree grow faster by using Bone Meal as a fertilizer. 

What Are The Items I Need To Grow A Tree In Minecraft?

The basic items that you need to grow a tree in Minecraft are saplings and a water bucket. You would first need to have the saplings and a water system in order to successfully grow trees and other plants in this game.  

To get some sapling, you can chop down a tree and collect the sapling from it. Aside from this, saplings can also be seen in village chests, woodland mansions, or even sold by wandering traders.

To get water, you will be needing to have a water bucket an a water source, which is from a river, lake or sea. If your farm is too far from a body of water, you can build your own infinite water source right beside where you have planted your saplings. You can learn how to make your own infinite water source by clicking on this link.

Lastly, if you want to grow your trees instantly, you can make use of a Bone Meal which will hasten up the trees’ growth. You can craft a bone meal using bone or bone blocks.

How Long Does It Take For A Tree To Grow In Minecraft?

Similar to real life, trees also take some time to grow here in Minecraft. Usually, you need to wait about 30 minutes before you see your planted sapling grow into a large tree. But always check them! These trees grow to very different sizes.


Now that you know how to grow your trees fast in Minecraft using Bone Meal, try it yourself and let us know if it works.


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