How To Repair A Trident

Tridents are fierce weapons that can offer you melee and ranged attacks. Since these are very important to players, you might surely want to have your damaged tridents repaired! Here are some of the possible options you can have for repairing your tridents

How to repair a trident in an anvil

Using anvils can be one way of letting players repair items, including your damaged tridents. As long as you have your pickaxe with you to help you mine these anvils, you can proceed with the following guide:

1. Get your anvil from your inventory. If you don’t have it, do not worry because there are ways for you to get this:

You can craft anvils by using 31 ingots. This includes 27 for three blocks of iron. Use the following crafting recipe, and you are good to go.

Another way to get an anvil is to wait for a natural generation.

2.You can now combine a damaged trident with another trident on your anvil. Note that using this anvil method will preserve the enchantments on your trident.

How to repair a trident in a grindstone

Grindstones are also blocks that help you repair various tools. The difference between this and the anvils is that grindstones remove enchantments as you fix them here.

1. Get your grindstone from your inventory. If you don’t have it, create one by:

Crafting 2 sticks, 2 wooden planks, and 1 stone slab using the following recipe.

2. Combine 2 damaged tridents in the grindstone. This will remove any enchantment that the item previously had. The Curse of Vanishing and Curse of Binding enchantments are the exception to this removal effect.

How to repair a trident using the mending enchantment

The use of mending enchantments is the last guide in this article. Mending will restore the durability of the trident that you will repair. But this will use your gathered experience from breeding, advancements, trading, etc. Check these steps:

1. Acquire the mending enchantment. If you are ready with your mending enchant, you can open the enchanting table. In the enchant menu, place your trident in the first box. On the second box, put 3 lapis lazuli.

2. Select your desired enchantment for the trident. The lapis lazuli and experience points will then be expended for the enchantment. Notice how the trident will glow the color purple.

3.Now, your trident is enchanted with your chosen enchantment. You can hover your cursor over the trident to confirm its enchanted power. You can now put it in your inventory, and you are now ready for action.

What are the enchantments that can increase my trident’s durability?

As we noted earlier, tridents can have different enchantments. They have a base enchantability of one. In Minecraft, you can use numerous enchantments, each with a unique set of powers to benefit from.

When using Loyalty, your trident will return to you after throwing it. Channeling is used during a thunderstorm. This enchantment deals a ton of damage since you attack with the summoned lightning bolt.

Riptide deals additional splash damage in underwater trident throws. Impaling, in contrast to Riptide, will provide increased melee and ranged damage. With Impaling, aquatic mobs will be easily defeated because of the high damage. Impaling will buff your trident attacks to all enemies underwater or in the rain if you are in the Bedrock Edition.

Mending will help boost your experience points. And if you use Curse of Vanishing, the trident will disappear after death.

Aside from these enchantments, you also have the Unbreaking enchantment. This will increase the durability of your trident.

Later on, you will see that tridents are not crafted. Hence, you would really rely on Unbreaking to help you get a more durable trident.

How can I get a new trident?

Tridents are weapons that you cannot craft. Unlike other weapons that you can craft with a combination of ingredients and a set crafting recipe, tridents are a bit different. This weapon can only be picked up after killing a Drowned.

Drowned are underwater zombies. You can catch these spawning in bodies of waters like oceans and rivers. Similarly, as you can infer from the name, drowned zombies will be transformed into a Drowned. To reiterate, Drowned zombies are the only source of tridents. This makes tridents quite a rare weapon.

To get yourself a new trident, you can try heading into a body of water. Going underwater and looking for Drowned zombie mobs will be your best option.

When you encounter these mobs, sometimes they hold a trident. Do your best to defeat these Drowned for a chance to get the dropped trident. However, note that the chance of tridents spawning is 15% in Bedrock and 6.25% in Java. This drop rate may seem quite small, but it would still be worth it to slay any encountered Drowned for more chances of spawning.

You can also try using Minecraft seeds to make underwater worlds and increase the chances of spawning Drowned zombie mobs.


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