How to Spawn Pokémon

Minecraft on its own has been crafted to let its players widen their imagination, improve their crafting skills, and allow their players’ creativity run wild. Eventually, Pixelmon was created, and it brought the world of Pokémon into Minecraft. In a nutshell, Pixelmon is a mod in Minecraft that incorporates numerous playable commands that allow players to control their PokéWorld.

In Pixelmon, you can catch, collect, and fight virtually any Pokémon you want! Hence, you need to understand how to spawn all sorts of Pokémon. And, lucky for you, this article will show you all you need to spawn your usual Pokémon, Shiny Pokémon, Boss Pokémon, and even Legendaries!

What do I need to spawn a Pokemon?

First, you need to have your game setting correct to follow the spawning guides in this article. It would be best to check if your Pixelmon version can allow cheats and commands. As a hint, numerous controls are set in the recent Pixelmon server, allowing players to spawn all sorts of Pokémon of various levels.



How do you spawn a specific Pokémon?

In the well-known Pokémon games outside Minecraft, players usually go out on bushes and tall grass to randomly encounter wild Pokémon. Similarly, players can also face battles with random trainers to level up their Pokémon and get stronger.

Here in Pixelmon, you can utilize a variety of commands which will allow you to spawn a Pokémon on a particular biome. All you need to do is use the command “/pokespawn” and type the desired Pokémon to summon. You can even add the level of the Pokémon that you want to spawn.

Say for example, you want a level 45 Charmander right on your location, type the command “/pokespawn charmander lvl45



Then a Charmander will appear immediately. You can capture it with your Pokéballs or fight it with a Pokémon that you have previously caught. With this command, you can summon any regular Pokémon.

Shiny Pokémon are also in the Pixelmon mod. These kinds of Pokémon are a rare species of their usual counterparts. You will immediately recognize a Shiny Pokémon because they have a deviant color!

With a similar command, you can summon a Shiny Pokémon. All you need to do is input the letter “s” in the command like the following: “/pokespawn charmander s lvl45

This command will let you spawn a Shiny Charmander at level 45! So, go ahead and have fun with these spawning commands as you traverse your Pokémon journey.

How do you spawn boss Pokémon?

Aside from the usual Pokémon that you can spawn, Pixelmon makes the mod more enjoyable by allowing players to encounter Boss Pokémon! The Boss Pokémon are rarer than the normal Pokémon that you can summon on command; hence, expect that they are stronger and more aggressive in battle. But, rewards do come along the way! Boss Pokémon have been known to drop rare items when defeated, so do your best when you fight one!

How would you know if an encountered Pokémon is a Boss? The main difference is that these Boss Pokémon do not display their levels above their head. Their level is based on your Pokémon’s levels! For example, you have a level 45 Charmander as the highest level on your team. The boss Pokémon would have a level of 65! The gap in strength is set that way.

You can spawn Boss Pokémon by using the command “/pokespawn venusaur boss: [1-8]” choosing a number where:

1: common

2: uncommon

3: rare

4: epic

5: legendary

6: ultimate

7: haunted

8: drowned

Did you also know that you can summon a colored Boss Pokémon? Spawning the legendary, ultimate, and drowned Boss are Shiny Pokémon.

How Do You Spawn A Legendary Pokémon In Pixelmon?



Aside from the Boss Pokémon, you can also look forward to target farming some Legendaries. These are very rare Pokémon’s with astoundingly high base stats! Encountering these Pokemon is not the quickest thing to do. Though, you can try to command “/legendaryspawn” to see if a Legendary is nearby.

But why do they not appear? There are numerous factors to consider. Legendaries have specific requirements in a time of day and biome. For example, Entei is a legendary the can spawn anytime on mountains, making them relatively easy to spawn. In contrast, Jirachi is an extremely rare Legendary that can only be spawned on extreme hills + M!

If you want to encounter Legendaries, target farming can be your best choice.

In conclusion

Pixelmon offers an in-depth Pokémon experience where players of all skill levels would genuinely enjoy. If you want to spawn a Pokemon, you can type in the command ‘/pokespawn’. More and more biomes, mechanics, and spawns are being incorporated to help players get a wonderful time playing the game. With the commands in this article, you can go ahead and indulge in the Pixelmon world!


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