How To Sprint In Minecraft

Minecraft has a lot of methods to help you have a smooth and enjoyable gameplay experience. There are also several methods of transportation that can help your player be more efficient in traversing through terrains.

One mode of transportation that we will be talking about is sprinting. When you sprint in Minecraft, your character moves faster compared to the usual walking speed.

However, note that sprinting will make you lose saturation. Your hunger level will also drop faster since you expend more energy.

The benefits of sprinting, aside from a faster speed, are having a slightly expanded field of vision and doing more knockback on your first hit on opponents.

Here are some general tips on how to sprint in Minecraft:

  1. Press sprint while moving

Minecraft has a designated sprint key that you can tap while moving forward. Tap on your “left control” key to start sprinting.

  1. Double-tap forward key

The default forward key in Minecraft is “W.” You can double-tap this key and achieve a faster speed.


What is the usage of sprinting in Minecraft?

Sprinting is a helpful way to move around in Minecraft because your speed would be 5.612 meters every second. This speed is 30% faster than walking, which is just 4.317 m/s.

You do not necessarily need to move in one direction while sprinting. However, as you turn, your sprinting speed will slightly lessen.

Sprinting also helps you move faster in flying and swimming.

You can also jump over a maximum of four blocks horizontally if you sprint over them. This is double the amount of blocks you can jump over compared to walking speed.

As we noted earlier, sprinting will deplete your saturation. When it goes down to zero, your hunger bar will deplete at a swift rate as well.

When sprinting, notice that your feet produce particles the same as those of the blocks you are hovering over.

Other perks of sprinting would be the knockback to mobs when you attack them. The Squids and Iron Golems are exceptions, as you cannot exert the knockback effect on them.

Lastly, stopping for sprinting is an effortless task as well. All you need to do is release the forward key or sprint key.

Another means of stopping sprinting involves colliding with solid blocks at angles greater than 5.5 degrees. Also, you stop sprinting if you crash or attack mobs along your path.

Note also the 30-second limit. After 30 seconds of continued sprinting, you automatically stop.

Be aware that your hunger bar reduces as you sprint. If it drops down to 6 or below, your sprinting montage also halts.

You also cannot sprint as you eat food and drink potions.


How to sprint in Minecraft Java

Minecraft Java is the edition of the game that runs only on Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Essentially, Minecraft Java is a game only available on PC. Hence, you can only use controls that are fit for this gaming control.

Desktops necessitate keyboard controls so that you can play Minecraft Java to its fullest. The two possible options you have for sprinting in this Minecraft edition are:

  1. Pressing the sprint key

  2. Double tapping the forward key

How to sprint in Minecraft Bedrock

In contrast to Minecraft Java, the Minecraft Bedrock edition holds a lot more flexibility. Furthermore, the Minecraft Bedrock edition has very smooth gameplay and runs even on not very powerful devices.

Minecraft Bedrock gives you the option to use a control that fits your preference. Since this edition is a multi-platform edition, you can use the controls for any of the following methods:

  1. You can use the controls for a mobile device

  2. You can switch to a controller

  3. You can choose the typical keyboard key bindings

You can check the steps specific to these methods in the subsequent parts of this article.


How to sprint in Minecraft app mobile

Minecraft app mobile uses touch controls to help you traverse in the fantastic Minecraft experience.

When playing Minecraft on a mobile device, controls are pretty straightforward. Here are what you need to do to sprint in the mobile app:

  1. Double-tap the forward button.

Tapping on the forward button twice and holding it will make you sprint.

  1. If you want to return to average walking speed, you can easily let go of the forward key that you held on to sprint.

This way, you can go back to simply walking by tapping the forward key once. You can also collide with blocks or fight mobs to stop automatically.


How to sprint in Minecraft desktop

In contrast to mobile apps, here are what you need if you play Minecraft on a PC or desktop.

  1. Double-tap the forward key “W.”

  2. Tap on the sprint key as you go.

As you sprint, don’t forget to keep an eye on your saturation and hunger bar!


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