How To Tame A Dragon In Minecraft

One of the most exciting things to see in Minecraft is the Ender Dragon; a giant flying beast considered the boss mob. If you want to know how to tame this beast, follow these steps:

1.Get closer to the dragon. Be careful because the dragon is hostile and will attack you.

2.Feed it with food. The Ender Dragon can be tamed by feeding it with raw fish or salmon. Make sure you have this with you before encountering the boss!


How can I control the dragon?

If you play your cards right, you can control the Ender Dragon. To tame this dragon, feed it with raw salmon. Everyone has their weaknesses, and the Ender Dragon sure is a sucker for raw salmon. After feeding the Ender Dragon with sufficient raw salmon, consider it easy to tame it afterward.

Part of the benefits of taming a dragon in Minecraft is the accompanying ability to control it. Players can control the dragon using three possible modes.

  1. First, you can use your mouse. Use the cursor to look in the desired direction. If you are flying, note that the dragon will only fly towards the direction you are looking at. This control can also help you climb up by looking upwards or go down by looking below you.
  2. Aside from your mouse, keyboard strafe keys can control your tamed dragon as well. You can jump when you press the spacebar, and you can control the height of your direction using the left shift key.
  3. For easier control, you can use a combination of the two. Your mouse can control horizontal movement, while vertical controls can be taken care of by the spacebar and left shift key.


How can I fly a dragon?

A defining feature of the dragon in Minecraft is its ability to fly. Players can use this as well. You can try flying with a fully grown and tamed dragon.

1.You can begin by creating your flying dragon companion using the egg feature. Basically, you put a dragon egg and right-click it. You now have summoned an Ender Dragon that you can fly with.

2.Equip the Ender Dragon with a saddle. You can make your saddle with at least 2 fabrics or leather, and a sewing table. Use the crafting recipe like the following. Now, you are set. Use the different control modes listed earlier, and you are good to go.


Where can I find a dragon in Minecraft?

The Ender Dragon is considered as a final boss in Minecraft. Hence, expect to find this dragon at the End Portal. But going here is not as straightforward as you think.

To find the Ender Dragon, you need to follow a series of steps. In the overworld map, find a Stronghold. You need to use the Eye of Ender to find these underground locations. If you use the Eye of Ender, it will guide you to know the site of Stronghold and will pinpoint the correct location on where you will dig.

Essentially, the Stronghold is like giant mazes of big stones. So, when you dig around, the Stone Bricks are your clues. After successfully getting in the Stronghold, look around and go to the room with the End Portal. Again, this will take quite some time, but it will be worth it.

In going to the End Portal Room, mark paths with torches so that you do not get lost. The End Portal room will ask you to fill in 12 Eyes of Enders. This will activate the portal. Head into the portal to arrive at The End, and you will see the Ender Dragon.

The ender dragon will immediately spawn after you jump into The End portal. If you have missed your chance to slay or tame the Ender Dragon during your first attempt, you can re-summon the dragon by using four end-crystals on the exit portal. Eventually, the Ender Dragon will spawn there again.


What can I do with an ender dragon in Minecraft?

Again, the mystical Ender Dragon is a very relevant mob boss. Hence, this creature is the main antagonist of the game. You can call the game over after slaying the Ender Dragon. But aside from slaying this dragon in your clash with it, there are other things that you can do!

Undoubtedly, trying to tame the Ender Dragon is way cooler than just killing it. Taming the dragon can give you benefits such as controlling it or having a saddle and riding it to go to numerous locations thru flying in the air.

But, if you choose to slay the dragon, it will become a ray of light and crumble away.


What can I feed a dragon in Minecraft?

The dragon can be tamed if you feed it with raw salmon. Similarly, you can try attracting the dragon by carrying this tasty fish in your hand.

Once tamed, you can feed your dragon with raw fish, chicken, pork chop, or beer to restore four hearts after it sustained an injury. You can even choose to feed Blaze Powder to let your dragon breathe deadly fire!


Dragons in Minecraft are surely fun and hold lots of surprises! With this guide, you are now ready to face the dragon and claim control over it.


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