Infinite Lava Source Minecraft

An infinite lava source allows Minecraft players to get lava buckets whenever they need them, without having to teleport to Nether or look for a lava source in the Overworld.

Lava plays a vital role in Minecraft as it can be used as a light source, you can create stones and other items from it, and you can use it as protection. It is mostly seen in the Nether and you can find it in the Overworld if you dig deep enough.

Just like water, lava also flows in Minecraft. One lava source block can spread 3 blocks horizontally in any direction if you are in the Overworld. 

Because it is a naturally occurring block in the Nether, it can flow as far as 7 blocks from its source in any horizontal direction. However, even if lava is naturally found in the Nether, it only spreads half as fast as water. 

Another thing to note about lava in Minecraft is that unlike water, you cannot create this using other items that you can found in the game. In order to get lava, you have to either go to the Nether, dig deep into the dirt until you find lava, or get them from cauldrons. 

How can I make an infinite lava source in Minecraft?

If you have been playing Minecraft for quite some time now, you would know that surviving in this game does not rely on how many items you have, but how fast you think. 

A solid strategy is a must in Minecraft, as you have to anticipate all traps, mobs, and the environment that you are in. 

One good strategy for survival is making sure that you always have access to all items that you would need to survive. So if you are in need of lava, instead of going back and forth to the Nether, it would be more beneficial if you create your own infinite lava source in Minecraft. 

There is only one sure way to create an infinite lava source, but you can modify it to generate more lava. Here are the steps that you have to follow:

1. Create a Nether Portal to go to the Nether.

2. Find a lava river or lake.

Get down and go near the lava source.

3.Gather lava using a bucket

Get as much lava as you want. However, you will only be needing about 6 lava buckets to create an infinite water source. 

4.Put 1 cauldron in place
5.Go up 2 blocks with dripstone blocks.

6.Break the bottom dripstone and put a pointed Dripstone that is pointing down the cauldron.

7. Create walls of 1 block each surrounding the dripstone that you have originally placed.

This is to stop the lava from flowing.

8.Put a lava bucket in the center.

9. Wait for the lava to drip

To create a more efficient infinite lava source, you can just add more cauldrons and expand the blocks on top of it, add more lava, then wait for them to drip infinitely. 

What are the items that I need to create an infinite lava source in Minecraft?

To create an infinite lava source in Minecraft, you will be needing a cauldron and four blocks of dripstone. 

If you don’t have a cauldron, you can easily make one by creating them on your crafting table. All you will need in this is 7 iron ingots, organized in the crafting grid in a U-shaped manner like this: 

These items will yield one infinite source of lava, but if you want a faster way to generate more lava, you add more dripstones and cauldrons, and put more lava in it so it will produce more lava all at once.

Now you have to remember that you won’t be able to achieve an infinite lava source if you just let the lava flow throughout the dripstones that you have placed. 

So, you have to put one block of lava in each block of dripstone to continuously get lava from it.

What are the uses of an infinite lava source?

It is not new that Minecraft players will go above and beyond to get a hold of lava, because there are a lot of uses of lava in Minecraft. Here are a few things that you can make use of this block:


Use it as a light source

For starters, if you have an infinite lava source in your backyard, you no longer need any light source, as it readily provides light in your place.

Use it as a fuel source

The most common fuel source in Minecraft is coal. Players use this to fuel their  furnace and smelt the items that they need.  

However what most players don’t know is that Lava is a more efficient fuel source in Minecraft. Try putting a lava bucket in your furnace’s power source slot and see how it works!


Create cobblestones from Lava

You can make a lot of items out of cobblestones. You can craft swords, axes, pickaxes, and even build your own house using this block. 

To create your own cobblestones using Lava. All you have to do is to dig 4 blocks, dig another 1 block inside the hole that you have created, put one lava bucket on one end of the hole and put another water bucket on the other. 


Create obsidian blocks from Lava

To create an obsidian block from lava, you also need to dig 4 blocks, put a water block on one end, and start laying down lava blocks on the water. 

Create Lava Traps

Lava traps are great for protecting you against angry mobs and villagers. With the right location on which you would put these traps, this can serve as an extra protection for you. 



We hope that this article will help you out in creating your own infinite lava source. Enjoy playing Minecraft!


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