Is Minecraft Haram?

Minecraft is a famous sandbox game where you can do whatever you like. You make your own rules, you make your own game. You are introduced to different characters, different tactics, different strategies to survive, and different places that might not be exactly in line with your faith and beliefs. Like for example, for you to survive, you have to literally kill animals using a sword and hit them repeatedly, retrieve their meat and cook it under a furnace. So there’s also a lot of people are asking if Minecraft is Haram.

Yes, Minecraft is haram. Under the Islamic context, haram means that something is forbidden or prohibited as it violates the religious practices stated in the Quran and Sunnah. Consequently, violence, taming of animals that are considered sacred, and consumption of pork are prohibited to our Muslim brothers and sisters, and these acts are inevitable when you play the game.

However, with the mods and servers that are created as newer versions of the games are launched, new options to players are given and this allows them to play the game without violating any religious beliefs.

Is it haram to eat port in Minecraft?

Eating pork is considered haram in Islam. Unfortunately, Minecraft has numerous instances of this act.

You can obtain raw porkchop in Minecraft. This is a food item that the player can cook or eat to alleviate their hunger.

When the player loses their hunger bar, their ability in the game significantly decreases as well. Therefore, food items such as porkchop are one of the supplies developed in Minecraft.

Aside from the act of eating porkchop haram, the method of obtaining raw porkchop also raises controversy as well.

Porkchops are dropped from domesticated pigs that are killed. Moreover, Minecraft also puts many benefits to domesticating and killing pigs. As the player breeds and kills them, it can give them experience points and meat. These are both essential things that you must collect in the game.

Furthermore, there are certain maps in the game that only spawn pigs. You might encounter that there are no alternative sources of meat or ride. Depending on your survival on pigs, these instances can be considered haram.


Is it haram to join Christian servers in Minecraft?

The Java Edition and Bedrock Edition of Minecraft support a multiplayer gaming experience. Because of this, Minecraft servers are made to help players easily connect and play with one another.

Some main servers include creative, roleplay, hardcore, survival, minigame, anarchy, and many more.

Because of the creators’ creativity, a lot of servers of different genres and intentions are now present.

This includes servers with religious causes. For instance, Christian servers have been part of the gaming community, not only on Minecraft!

The earliest noted server of Christian Minecraft was on December 20, 2010. This was launched during the Beta version of the game.

This Christian Server and a certain Minecraft user promoted this server as a clan dubbed “Soldiers of Christ.” They also noted that this server is dedicated to Christian gamers who are indulged in playing Minecraft.

Biblically speaking, Christianity and Muslim religious texts have some interactions. Muhammad interacted with Christians, and he viewed them as “People of the Book.”

Despite this, it may be considered haram to join these Christian servers. You would encounter practices or common gestures that are prohibited in the views of Islam.


Islam servers in Minecraft

As we have mentioned in the previous section, Minecraft has numerous servers having different target audiences. If you are a Muslim player looking for a server fit to your belief or want to play with your brothers of Islam, there are Islam servers available for you.

In entering servers, you can use the IP address to search the server and join it easily. Here are some Islam servers that are up for grabs:

  1. IP address:
  2. IP:


Is it haram to play different mods in Minecraft?

Minecraft mods that are run through Minecraft Forge, or modifications, are changes made to make the game more original and enjoyable. Programmers make mods to include better game mechanics for different gamers to enjoy.

Because of these Minecraft mods, new items, mobs, and blocks can be added. Different appearances and terrains will be present as well.

Players can have the opportunity to possess abilities that are not available in other game mods. Basically, the game changes a lot.

This feature is a double-edged sword. Yes, it can significantly boost the fun factor of the game. Unfortunately, it introduces more possibilities that newly added mods might be haram.

For instance, usual game features are already considered haram. The need to breed pigs and eat porkchop, the undead (zombies), witches, and several maps like “The End” are already engraved in the game.

It may not be a complete contraindication, but some mods in Minecraft can be considered haram.

Minecraft is truly a fun game where you can enjoy building and surviving with your quick wits and talent. However, if you have religious reservations, you may want to consider them thoroughly.


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