Minecraft Spawner Finder

If you are trying to make an EXP farm by using mob spawners, you will find yourself needing to find such spawners in your world. Fortunately, there are tools that can help you find these spawners with relative ease. The easiest one to use is a dungeon finder, which are often online tools that don’t need any installation.

Some mods like minimap mods can display mobs which might indicate the presence of a spawner. Additionally, x-ray resource packs allow you to see through blocks and find dungeons easier.

Dungeon Finder

ChunkBase’s Dungeon Finder has been the go-to for many people in finding dungeons in their world.

The community highly recommends using the Dungeon Finder from ChunkBase. Despite the name, the dungeon finder actually attempts to find spawners, which can then only be found inside dungeons.

What makes this tool easy to use is that it only needs the world seed, and it can attempt to find the chunks where a spawner can be found. It can also use the level.dat file from your Minecraft world savefiles.

Dungeon Finder can differentiate the type of spawner it finds, whether it’s for zombies, skeletons, or spiders. The tool also supports a variety of versions, from 1.13 to 1.17 and above for the Java Edition but only from 1.16 to 1.17 and above for the Bedrock Edition. 

The zombie spawner in the Dungeon Finder…

… and the zombie spawner in the actual game world.

However, the tool doesn’t guarantee 100% accuracy, as it may not always find all the dungeons/spawners in a world, or that the ones it finds may not be spawners at all. Additionally, it only locates spawners by chunks, which means you will have to search the entire chunk for it. 

To use the tool, go to their website and input your world seed or level.dat file. To find your world seed:

  • For Java Edition: Simply press “T” then type “/seed” into the chatbox, then press Enter
  • For Bedrock Edition: Go to your world options screen and find the Seed

You can only have access to the level.dat file if you own the world. To find it:

  • For Windows: Search for “%appdata%” on the Start menu, then navigate through .minecraft > saves > (world)
  • For Mac: Navigate through ~/Library > Application Support > Minecraft > saves > (world)
  • For Linux: Navigate through ~/.minecraft > saves > (world)

You can zoom in and out to see the spawners that you might want.

The map will then update to your world seed, showing colored boxes which indicate the presence of a potential spawner in that specific chunk. Hovering over the box will indicate its coordinates and the type of spawner it is under the map.

As with any map, you also navigate through the map to find other spawners, or zoom in and out to see more. You can also place specific coordinates to center the map on those coordinates, showing you the spawners near it.

If the Dungeon Finder does not yield good results for you, then you can go to the next method below.

Minimap Mods

Minimaps provide more than just convenience for day-to-day Minecraft…

Another way of finding spawners is using minimap mods. Most minimap mods available offer mob detection. Since spawners spawn hostile mobs, a concentration of mobs in the minimap can be an indication of a spawner.

It should be noted that using minimap mods does not guarantee that you’ll find a spawner, and you will still need to explore the area for the minimap to show the mobs. You also need to make sure the minimap mod allows detection in underground areas, which are where most dungeons are found.

For this article, we will show you Xaero’s Minimap Mod. To use it, you will need to install Forge, which is used to install and run mods on Minecraft. After installing Forge, you will need to download the mod here. Then, navigate to your Minecraft folder, and drop the downloaded file inside the mods folder.

… and their underground or cave mode is perfect for spelunking.

Xaero’s Minimap Mod boasts an aesthetic that fits very well in vanilla Minecraft. Although it also has a robust feature set, the one we’re interested in is its cave mode and the Entity Radar. The former allows us to have a map of the underground areas, while the Entity Radar can be configured to show hostile mobs.

Well, that party of zombies running at you should have a spawner, right?

To configure the minimap to show the mobs, press Y to pull up its configuration settings. Navigate to Entity Radar Settings > Entity Category Settings > Living > Hostile > Settings. Click on Display to make it ON and click on Icons to make it “Always.” This will make all the mobs around you show up as their respective icons in the minimap. 

X-Ray Resource Packs

Resource packs change the look of some blocks and items in Minecraft, usually for aesthetics. However, x-ray resource packs are specifically made so that specific blocks, often stone or dirt, become invisible and other important blocks, usually ores, can be seen through the stone and dirt blocks. 

With x-ray resource packs, not only can you handily find ores, but you can spot dungeons underground far easier than spelunking around. This can save you a lot of time in finding those dungeons.

Optifine with the X-Ray Ultimate pack helps you spot a spawner after a bit of digging.

These resource packs would also work best with Optifine, a Minecraft optimization mod. With Optifine, you can have night vision with the x-ray resource packs, which would greatly help in finding the dungeons.

X-Ray Ultimate and Better X-Ray are good resource packs for finding ores, but they’re also very useful for finding dungeons. Although you will have to do a bit of exploring, combined with the minimap mods and the Dungeon Finder, you will have a far easier time finding dungeons.

To install a resource pack:

  • Download the resource pack, usually a .zip file
  • Launch Minecraft 
  • Go to Options > Resource Packs
  • Click on “Open pack folder,” which will open a folder containing your resource packs. 
  • Copy the .zip file into this folder. 
  • Check back on Minecraft to see if you can see the pack in the “Available” list. If not, go back to the main menu and go to Options > Resource Packs
  • To use the resource pack, hover over it and press the right arrow in the pack icon. This will put the pack on the “Selected” list. Make sure that the pack is on the top of the list.
    • If it’s not on the top of the list, hover over the pack again, and press the up arrow in the pack icon, until it reaches the top of the list.

Get Your Spawner Now!

Having at least one of these will definitely make your spawner finding journey so much easier. However, remember that you can always use all of these methods to increase your chances and simplify the grueling process of finding a spawner in Minecraft.


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