MineDraft Showdown ft. Minecraft is a Minecraft PvP tournament series organized by Twitch and Pikaclicks. It is a team deathmatch tournament with many Minecraft content creators and streamers divided into 8 teams. As part of Twitch Rivals, participants are required to stream their points of view as they fight other players in a PvP-enabled arena. 

The first MineDraft Showdown started as a series of localized tournaments in some European countries on May 4, 2021 until June 1, 2021. The Finals culminated on June 15, 2021. The NA MineDraft Showdown took place on May 27, 2021.

General Tournament Format

An overview of the arena of the MineDraft EU Finals (from Twitch Rivals)

Multiple prominent Minecraft PvP content creators/streamers are formally invited, and eight of them will be designated as team captains for a total of eight teams. Team captains choose their members in a snake style draft on the day of the competition.

In the Group Stage, the eight teams are divided into two groups A and B, and teams in each group compete in a round robin. The top 2 teams in each group proceed to the Championship Bracket, while the bottom 2 teams proceed to the Consolation Bracket. Both brackets employ a Single-Elimination style. 

Tiebreakers in the Group Stage check for the most wins in the games between the tied teams, game win-loss differential (wins minus losses) between the tied teams, and elimination differential between the tied teams.

The Playoffs consist of the Semifinals and the Finals rounds. Losing teams in the Semifinals compete again to fight for the 3rd Place and 4th Place of their respective brackets. Winning teams in the Semifinals proceed to the finals, determining the 1st and 2nd Place of their respective brackets.


There are two prize pools for the tournament. The first prize pool depends on the number of wins and losses that the team accumulates over the course of the Group Stage. The second prize pool is determined by the rank of the team in the Playoffs and the bracket they’re in. The prizes are also granted on a per-player basis, and vary across the past MineDraft Showdown events. 

Each round robin win grants $70-$110, while each loss grants $20-$40. The Championship Bracket prizes range from $1400 to $450 per player, while the Consolation Bracket prizes range from $500 to $150 per player.

Game Mode

wichtiger’s point of view during Team wichtiger vs. Team TheGuill84 (from Twitch Rivals)

The game mode for the tournament is a team deathmatch in a best-of-five series. Each player can choose from four loadouts or kits (Swordsman, Archer, Healer, Flamemaster) that progressively get stronger as the tournament goes on. 

At the start of the battle, PvP is enabled and each team is spawned at the opposite sides of the arena. Each team will attempt to eliminate all players in the opposing team within 7 and a half minutes. The team who has members remaining will win the match.

If both teams have members remaining when the time runs out, tiebreakers will be checked in this order: most players alive, time to first kill, total damage dealt, time to first damage.


There are four kits that players can choose from when the game starts.

  • Swordsman is a damage dealer that primarily deals damage in melee range. They sport mostly iron gear, except for their chestplate and sword, which are both diamond. 
  • Archer is another damage dealer that instead deals damage from a long range. They sport either chain or iron gear, except for their blue leather helmet but their bows are enchanted with the Power enchantment starting in Round 1.
  • Healer is a tanky kit with healing capabilities, having mostly diamond gear but their weapons are comparatively weaker. They have the Healer-Head, where they can heal any teammate by four hearts every 15 seconds. They also have other healing items.
  • Flamemaster is similar to the Archer, but has worse gold gear. However, their weapons are enchanted with fire-related enchantments, with their Fire Aspect enchantment on their sword and Flame on their bows.

Flamemaster at Round 1 vs Flamemaster at Round 5. Aside from better armor, enchantments are also improved.

All kits progressively get stronger each round, with their gear getting better every round and enchantment levels getting higher. All kits are also furnished with at least 2 golden apples, 16 building blocks, and a flint & steel.

Block of Gold

If neither team has dealt damage to the opposing team for the first five minutes of the game, a Block of Gold will spawn in the game. Any team can take this Block of Gold, and if no damage is dealt until the end of the time duration, the team who possesses the Block of Gold will win.

However, since the spawning of the Block of Gold encourages fighting to get it, this specific win condition has never come into play for the entire tournament.

MineDraft Showdown ft. Minecraft

The first MineDraft Showdown tournament is a series of local tournaments across four regions: DACH, UK, France, and Spain. The dates of the local series were as follows:

  • DACH Series: May 5, 2021
  • UK Series: May 11, 2021
  • France Series: May 18, 2021
  • Spain Series: June 1, 2021

40 Minecraft players were invited in each regional tournament and grouped into teams of five. The Top 2 teams from each regional tournament were automatically invited into the MineDraft Showdown Finale Tournament, with a total of eight teams competing in the Finals on June 15, 2021.

These are the teams that competed in the Finals, listed in order of their group ranks:

Group A

  1. Team aypierre
  2. Team AustrianGamingg
  3. Team InTheLittleWood
  4. Team Perxitaa

Group B

  1. Team wichtiger
  2. Team TheGuill84
  3. Team ReventXz
  4. Team Fulham

Team aypierre won the Championship Bracket, with a total game prize of $8,650. The members include:

  • aypierre
  • RedToxx_
  • Bichard
  • JimmyBoyyy
  • ikaTV

The Consolation Bracket was won by Team ReventXz, with a total game prize of $3,450. The members include:

  • Shadoune666
  • Serpias
  • LaPeceraTONTA
  • ReventXz
  • SoyFelipez360

NA MineDraft Showdown ft. Minecraft

The NA MineDraft Showdown tournament took place on May 27, 2021. A total of 56 Minecraft players were invited to the tournament, then divided into 8 teams of 7 members. 

The teams of the tournament that competed in the Showdown were as follows, in order of their group ranks:

Group A

  1. Team fruitberries
  2. Team Wallibear
  3. Team scotteh
  4. Team Purpled

Group B

  1. Team TapL
  2. Team Quig
  3. Team illumina1337
  4. Team hannahxxrose

Team fruitberries won the Championship Bracket, with a total prize of $8,680. The members include:

  • basetradetv
  • Dylqnnnn
  • duckythegamer
  • Punz
  • Antfrost
  • KaraCorvus
  • fruitberries

Team scotteh won the Consolation Bracket, with a total game prize of $3,640. The members include:

  • AntVenom
  • KYR_SP33DY
  • scotteh
  • TabTwice
  • Sneegsnag
  • 5uppp
  • pokay


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