Naruto Minecraft Servers

As a part of the growing Minecraft community, players were able to expand the realms of the game for everyone to enjoy. If you are an avid fan of anime, and you love Naruto in particular, you can live your dream ninja life in Minecraft. There are Minecraft servers now available for Naruto enthusiasts to enjoy. 

Just like in the manga and anime itself, you can live your character as a ninja, learn more about jutsus, manage your chakra and fight battles with other ninjas in Minecraft. Here are the details on how to join and play in Naruto Minecraft Servers.

What is the best Naruto Minecraft server?

Many of the Naruto Minecraft servers that are available for multiplayer gaming are waiting for you. Naruto Minecraft servers are heavily based on the anime Naruto. You can see the same ninja theme or having locations and infrastructures similar to what you see in Konoha.

In numerous Naruto Minecraft servers, which would be the best? Of course, it is up to you to know the best server as you play it. Here are some of the best Naruto Minecraft servers that you might want to check out. Each of these servers has a corresponding IP address that you need to enter. Also, take note if there are available slots for you; servers have limited capacities also.

1.     Naruto Storm Online

With numerous modpacks, Naruto Strom Online brings the ninja world to Minecraft. Here, you can get stronger by training, exploring the Villages, and obtaining the nine Tailed Beasts. All you need to do is input this IP address


BCCRAFT NARUTO is another server filled with Naruto-themed gameplay. Enjoy using jutsus and completing the story to create peace in the ninja world. Join the server using the IP address



3.     Naruto Jutsu World (IP address:

If you are looking for a Naruto-themed Minecraft server filled with missions, then the Naruto Jutsu World might be the server best for you. Make yourself the very best ninja by learning jutsus, getting stronger, and completing missions. You may use the IP address and join the fun.

4.     Naruto RPA 

Naruto RPA is a unique server. If you play here, you get to enter a very addicting game experience that will keep you entertained. This server uses a combat system for the fun of its players. You may join using this IP address

5.     Blazing Ninja

If you like the anime Naruto, the Minecraft server Blazing Ninja will give you a great gaming experience. Have fun on this server by playing with your friends and completing missions to become a powerful ninja. Drop by the server using the IP address

6.     Kunai Craft 

Last on our list of Naruto Minecraft servers is the Kunai Craft. This server has existing factions, custom moves, and PVP game mode. Join the fun by using the IP address

How can I join these Naruto Minecraft servers?

You might feel overwhelmed with all these available servers. Just take your time and find the one that you are very comfortable playing. But, just how do you play them? You begin by joining a server that you would want.

Joining a Naruto Minecraft server is very easy. If you want to know how you can follow these steps:

1.Look for a server of your choice. 

2.Once you have chosen it, obtain the IP and copy it by clicking CTRL + C for Windows and Linux. You can click on CMD + C for macOS.

3. Open the Minecraft app, then click on Multiplayer and click Add Server. From here, you might see a place to input a Server Name and IP Address. Place any name as you wish. But, make sure to paste the correct IP Address accordingly by clicking CTRL + V or CMD + V for Windows/Linux and macOS, respectively.

4.Click done. After this, you should see the newly placed server on your server list on the right. You may now click the server, then Join Server. You are now going to be redirected to the Naruto server of your choice.

What are the rules in a Naruto Minecraft server?

There are no hard-bound rules in Naruto Minecraft servers. Given that different players made these servers, they made rules specific to the server they created. So, expect to see a wide range of tasks, quests, currencies, and adventures as you stroll along with numerous Naruto servers.

To give you an idea, as long as you know the anime, you can be well-guided. Most of the servers are just like what the series shows us. For instance, there may be Genin, Chuunin, and Jounin exams for you to become a fantastic ninja.

What are the unique features in Naruto Minecraft server?

Naruto Minecraft servers can give you a unique and exciting experience. Some servers offer special features such as customs jutsu coded with Java, a realistic map showing the infamous village like Konoha, and some even show characters from the anime. But, as more innovations and updates are being put here, expect to see more unique features soon.



What can I expect to see in a Naruto Minecraft server?

Naruto Minecraft servers are based on the anime. But, as players get more innovative in making these kinds of servers, expect to have a unique gaming experience. Furthermore, some servers offer a storyline that can help you train and be the best ninja. You can learn numerous ninjutsu that is almost the same as what you see in the anime. Isn’t that amazing? 

As you can see, there are a lot of servers to choose from. Well, it is not surprising knowing that Naruto is very famous. So, why not relive it in the world of Minecraft and play it with your friends.


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