[SCAM?] ShockByte Review: Truth Revealed

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ShockByte is one of the most seen providers of Minecraft hosting. It’s also pretty cheap at only $2.50/month for each GB you want to buy. But there can also be horrors with trying to go for the cheapest provider. Do you get what you pay for?

Read the rest of this shockbyte minecraft review to find out.

What is Shockbyte?

A quick intro to Shockbyte for those of you who don’t know. They provide gaming servers. Their most popular offering is Minecraft. I believe they also have offerings in Rust and Ark.

You might have come across Shockbyte from one of their Google ads. They run extensive advertising.

They are also one of the most popular Minecraft server hosting due to their cheap pricing.

Does Shockbyte Hosting Have Good Customer Support?

It’s OK. You can’t expect them to hold your hand throughout the entire process. They’re making so little money off you anyway. If they spent even 1 hour on your support case, and that employee was $5 an hour, they basically lost money on you.

If you have a problem with connectivity, they will be very responsive as that is likely affecting a whole bunch of users.

Are Shockbyte Servers Good?

Yes, you get dedicated RAM and CPU. They do not overprovision their servers. So it’s not where you actually get 7 GB instead of the promised 8 GB.

We can measure this via the TPS measure (ticks per second).

We’ve noticed the servers do not decline in the TPS measure. We measured it over the period of 24 hours.

You can even get a free subdomain to use instead of some weird IP address.

How much ping does Shockbyte Servers Have?

We found a normal ping time of between 150 milliseconds to 300 milliseconds depending on where your servers are provisioned. We provisioned a server for the US and we are located in Texas, USA.

Shockbyte Pricing Plans

Shockbyte pricing is pretty simple. It’s just $2.50/month for each GB of RAM hosting you want to buy.

Full pricing information available here.

Is Shockbyte Minecraft Hosting Cheaper than DigitalOcean?

Yes. DigitalOcean prices their servers at about $5 per GB per month.

I was personally amazed to see you could get server hosting for even cheaper than DigitalOcean.

I always thought DigitalOcean was the cheapest you could get because it was cheaper than Amazon Web Services. But I guess not.

So is Shockbyte Minecraft Server the Cheapest?

It pretty much is the cheapest you can possibly get.

You can try to buy OVH dedicated but then you have to buy 16 GB. It’s all or nothing. You can’t buy only 1 GB or 4 GB for example.

Shockbyte Dirt Plan Review: Cheapest!

Since this is the cheapest plan you may be interested to know whether or not it’s the right fit for you.

Well there’s only 1GB per month. You only pay $2.50/month.

For 1 GB, you can only put like 10 people on it.

If you need to host more people, then you need to pay more.

Can you get cheaper than Shockbyte Server Hosting?

Yes but you have to buy a dedicated server from OVH. They have plans where you can buy a 16 GB server for $17/month. That’s about $1/GB/month, which is pretty darn cheap.

The problem is you have to buy the entire 16 GB RAM. There’s no 15 GB or 8 GB or 1 Gb plan.

That’s why Shockbyte is best for flexibility.

What about the bad reviews of Shockbyte on Reddit?

Honestly, every host provider will have bad reviews from angry customers. It’s very hard to have 100% satisfaction rate.

At the end of the day, they are all pretty much the same. They are just resellers of OVH dedicated hosting.

The only differentiation possible is customer service.

But none of them have really great customer service anyway.

Shockbyte Server Review: Should You Buy it?

Absolutely. Honestly it’s so little money, there’s no reason not to.

You could probably start off with their cheapest plan and the upgrade once you need more.

There is also a way to get a refund in the first 24 hours of your purchase.

Shockbyte Discount Code / Coupon

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