Slime Spawner

How do you get a slime spawner?

Slime spawning is one of the ways where players of Minecraft can farm slimes and utilize its bonuses. This is especially useful for the survival mode of the game where maximizing your resources can give you the best experience.

Slime farming helps you make a place where you automatically and predictably spawn slimes to help kill them and obtain their drops or other loots to be crafted.

Sometimes, you might feel that getting your own slime spawner can be a taxing job. However, it is easier than expected.

If you want to get your slime spawner, especially for survival mode. Here are simple steps that you might want to check out:

1.Get the supplies

a. The supplies that you would need for a slime spawner are the following:

  1. 256 slabs
  2. 5 fences
  3. 6 jack-o-lanterns
  4. 31 campfires
  5. 9 chests
  6. 31 hoppers
  7. Torches
  8. Building blocks

You also need numerous irons for this task. (As you explore, make sure that you stack up on your iron so that you do not lack it as you make your spawner.)

2. Dig a hole until you reach bedrock

2.1.You need to dig a hole until you reach bedrock to help build the correct depth into which your slimes will spawn.

3. Dig 3 blocks deeper or you can dig into the wall

How do you make your own slime spawner?

Before making your slime spawner, you need to fully analyze the area that you would build it in. However, keep in mind that you can make your own slime spawner farm. All you need to do is put in some extra effort and you will maximize the benefits of these mobs.

  1. Decide on the building matters

    • You can choose between having to build on a slime chunk or swamp biome. Note that there is a 10% chance that a world will generate a slime chunk. By choosing slime chunks, you need to dig out an underground room first.
    • In contrast, building on swamp biomes will not require the previous dig-outs. However, the spawn rate is even lower than that of the slime chunk
    • Slimes spawn on certain regions on a map. So, if you see a slime spawning on a particular place, that indicates that it is a good place for building your own slime spawner.
  2. Make spawning places that are at least 5 blocks tall. These spawning spaces are where you want the slimes to spawn, and you will eventually lure them to a killing trap.

    • Slimes need a space requirement to spawn. Hence, you need to have a space without obstructions, whether solid or liquid.
    • The size of slimes also varies depending on your version’s regional difficulty.
  3. Also, note that slimes spawn regardless of the light levels of the area. Hence, you do not need to have your farm under low light. This also saves you from unwanted creepers in the dark.

  4. The last step to follow is building your separation and the farm’s killing trap.


An additional step that you can try doing is creating another hole below your killing trap. This will help you automatically collect the slimeballs that are dropped after farming in your spawning space.

Also, it would be best to come down to your constructed slime spawner during nighttime. Slime best spawn during this time and expect to encounter a lot of them in the evening.

What are the uses of a slime spawner?

Mobs are always added to Minecraft because it helps build a better gaming experience. Always keeping the gameplay new with added mobs helps keep the gameplay fresh for the players.

Slimes were added in Minecraft as the fifth mob. You would notice these distinct green, bouncy blobs spawning in biomes. Also, they come in different sizes.



You can slay these slimes since they are aggressive mobs that attack you. Once attacked, they can multiply into smaller versions of slimes.

They may sound intimidating to encounter, but they drop a fair amount of useful resources and XP.

Firstly, slimes drop experience points commensurate to their size. Large slimes give 4, mediums give 2, and 1 from the small slimes. As mentioned, they multiply to smaller slimes as you slay them, so you can get a max of 28 XP from one slime that splits as you slay it.

Slime farming can also help you get slimeballs. These drop from slain slimes. These slimeballs are used to craft slimeblocks, magma cream, and sticky pistons.

Can I make a slime spawner farm?

You can definitely make your slime spawner farms in Minecraft. This article has provided an easy-to-follow guide in helping you get the most efficient slime spawner farm!

Slimes may be an intimidating aggressive mob in Minecraft. And, constructing slime spawner farms may be a tedious task.

However, the bonus that you would get from these is surely worth all the effort!


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