What do Minecraft pigs eat?

One of the oldest passive mobs that you might see in Minecraft is pigs.

Pigs are essentially spawning in grassy biomes and villages. This common creature, similar to real life, has a certain liking to foods.

Here in Minecraft, pigs only eat Beetroots, Carrots, and Potatoes. Let us see these nourishing farm foods in detail:


Beetroot is one of the pig’s favorite food in Minecraft. In real life, this is a delectable food and can also be a dye ingredient. In Minecraft, the Beetroot can restore 1 hunger and 1.2 hunger saturation if eaten.

If you try crafting 6 of these, you can obtain a Beetroot soup. Since you used 6 Beetroots here, it gives you 6 times more than 1.

If you hold a beetroot, pigs will be enticed to follow you!


Carrots are the next food item on the pig’s menu. In contrast to Beetroot, one carrot will restore you 3 hunger and 3.6 hunger saturation.

Moreover, Carrots can be used to attract pigs to breed or to be tamed.


Lastly, Potatoes are quite a versatile food for pigs. You can also breed pigs and make them follow you if you hold a Potato in your hand.

Generally, to consume these food items, you need to press and hold them in the Hotbar. Watch these restore your hunger and hunger saturation.

How do you know if a Minecraft pig is hungry?

Pigs can also go hungry in Minecraft. This is why you can attract them by holding their favorite Beetroot, Carrot, or Potato.

In Minecraft, hunger is dictated by the feature floating on the heads-up display. This is the hunger bar or the food bar. You may realize that it looks like a health bar since it can be consumed eventually.

The hunger bar can get depleted or drop in points. This is the time to tell us that that creature is already hungry and looking for a treat.

What can I do with pigs in Minecraft?

As previously noted, pigs are passive mobs in Minecraft. If you like going around in grassy biomes, you will commonly encounter these cute creatures.

Since these are fairly common creatures to spawn, there are numerous things to do to utilize them. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Utilize pigs as a food source.

Players need a stable source of food. Like any human being, your character in Minecraft will eventually get hungry. Because of this, you need to feed yourself.

Failing to feed yourself will lead to rapid depletion of your abilities in the game.

Fortunately, pigs are great food sources in Minecraft because they drop raw porkchops. You can get up to three raw porkchops from pigs even when killed.

Sometimes, you may obtain a cooked porkchop if you kill the pig while it is on fire. Furthermore, enchanting your sword and using it on the pig may give you up to 6 porkchops.

  1. You can breed pigs

The more, the merrier. Breeding pigs are very easy. All you need to do is feed them with their favorite Beetroot, Carrot, or Potato. By getting one of these three food options, you can start breeding.

Right-click on two pigs near each other. Eventually, hearts will float around these pigs, indicating that they are in love and ready to breed. Wait for a cute baby piglet to appear, and you have accomplished breeding pigs.

  1. Riding pigs

If you want a unique traveling experience, pigs can be utilized with a saddle! Before getting on pigs as a ride, you need to craft a saddle and a carrot on stick first.

The saddle will give you a comfortable time, and the carrot on stick will help steer the direction of your travel. You can craft a saddle and a carrot on stick in the crafting table using the following recipe


Can pigs be my pet in Minecraft?

Since pigs are passive mobs, is it possible to tame them? Yes, but there are some steps that you can follow if you want to tame a pig. Basically, you will trap them and become farm animals for you. Here are the steps that you might want to consider:


  1. Starting your own pig farmhouse begins with carrots. Without carrots, this plan won’t succeed. So, find a way to get yourself a carrot by waiting for it to drop on zombies or by growing them in village garden plots.
  2. Equip the carrot and get close to a pig. Notice how the pig gets attracted to you and the carrot. They will now follow you as long as you have the very important carrot in your hand.

    With these mechanics, you can lure the pig into an enclosed space. You can construct any kind of enclosed space that you want.
  3. After luring the pig into your enclosure, close the gate. And now, you have a cute pet pig.


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