What Is A Bonus Chest In Minecraft?

Minecraft is a top-rated game game all over the world because of the unique 3D gaming experience that it offers to its players. You get to have numerous adventures, building, crafting, mining, and you get to do all this in a very dynamic Minecraft landscape.

This multiplayer game has constantly evolved to keep the players hooked. In some of the recent game mods and servers, Bonus Chests have been added.

When talking about Bonus Chests, it sure does sound like something that would give you lots of loot and make your gameplay more enjoyable.

In this article, you will know all about the Bonus Chests in Minecraft. 

How do you get a Bonus Chest In Minecraft?

Bonus Chests have been incorporated in the recent servers on Minecraft. The creators of this game who introduced this feature mentioned that it was added in celebration of reaching 300,000 members on the Empire Minecraft. So, if you think about it, this item is a present from Minecraft to you.

A bonus chest acts like a starter kit for players where you can get the basic items that can help you survive in the game. It contains food, blocks, and tools such as apples, blocks or logs. This doesn’t sound much, but it sure is a great help for Minecraft beginners and if you are in a position where you can’t fend for yourself. 

If you are wondering how you can get a bonus chest in Minecraft, here are the things that you should do:

1. Choose the Single Player option


2. Go to Game Settings or More World Options. You will see a toggle option for the feature “Bonus Chest.” Make sure to leave it “ON” before clicking “Done.”


3. Now, you can create a New World of your choice. You can choose any terrain that you would like to go to.

4. As you enter the world that you will play in, a Bonus Chest should respawn somewhere near you. Do your best to spot the Bonus Chest (you will see them as blocks with up to four torches around them)

Essentially, the player must first turn “ON” the bonus chest option. You can see this option on the “More World Options” or “Game Settings,” depending on the edition that you are playing. However, note that you cannot access these Bonus Chests in hardcore mods or servers.

During the early release of Bonus Chests, villages have around 43 chests, and every player can obtain at most 15 of these along with their bonus loot. But what is inside these exciting Bonus Chests?

Bonus Chests have some starter kit items in them. Simply put, these are items that can help you survive during the early stages of the game. As they say, the beginning of a survival journey is the most challenging. Hence, with the Bonus Chests, you can do with these starter kit items and push you to better survival rates on your journey.

Is Bonus Chest a cheat?

As previously noted, the Bonus Chests can provide players with some essential and helpful starter kit items. Now, if you are playing survival mode, would this count as cheating? Well, these Bonus Chests can give the player an upper hand during survival mode because they can make their initial shelter faster. The Bonus Chests remove some of the time needed to farm and collect crafting items.

In essence, the answer to this depends on your goals in the game. Several players have mentioned that using these Bonus Chests can mess up your achievement system. So, if you are very competitive and would not want that, then, by all means, you can avoid turning on the feature.

In contrast, there is no harm in getting your pickaxes or wood planks early on with these Bonus Chests.

Where can I find a Bonus Chest?

Now that you know how to get your bonus chest, you might wonder if where can you get one. Here’s the answer to that question. 

The Bonus Chest would appear on your spawn area if you have turned on the “Bonus Chest” option described earlier. Do not forget toggling it on. Bonus Chests usually have four torches hovering around them. These torches may not be readily visible – some are obstructed, or you might see them floating above you. So, keep your eyes peeled if you want to spot yours.

The added excitement on Bonus Chests is that you do not know what you get. Similar to the excitement in playing gacha games, you sometimes gamble on what you might get. But, expect to receive items like food, tools, blocks, or any combination of the three.

Do Bonus Chests respawn?

Bonus Chests can give you lots of valuable items as you begin your gameplay. But are these Bonus Chests infinite? And do they respawn?

These Bonus Chests will only respawn if you destroy the spawned chests after obtaining their contents. After destroying them, expect to see respawns of the Bonus Chests when you reload the game. If you fail to destroy them with your hammers or pickaxe, then you will not see them respawn any time soon.

Again, you can only observe this if you toggle the option on the main menu. 


Now, you are ready to explore more maps with your new knowledge of Bonus Chests in Minecraft!


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