Why is Minecraft Bedrock so bad?

Minecraft is a sandbox game that has gained popularity as it was released in November 2011. However, as the game gained more players, it tried to innovate to the increasing need to make a more enjoyable gaming experience.

Minecraft Bedrock is generally hated by players because of these reasons: 

  1. Bedrock has no unrestricted modding for their players. Unfortunately, Bedrock has no unrestricted modding, hence players can’t tweak their own world without having so much trouble out of it. There may be some data packs available for Minecraft Bedrock, but if you have played Minecraft Java, you can quickly tell that it is not as vibrant.
  2. Minecraft Bedrock is not available on Mac. Another reason for the hate in Minecraft is its playability. As previously mentioned, it was catering to mobile devices and even Windows. Hence, it is not compatible with MacOS or Linux.
  3. The B in Bedrock is for Bugs. The bugs that the game cannot get rid of also contribute to the issues faced by the gamers. This causes a very unpleasant gaming experience. The roughness of the gaming experience really hinders the players. Moreover, this is an issue not faced in other Minecraft editions. Maybe, the relatively buggy experience with Bedrock placed a lot of hate along with it.
  4. The marketplace is flawed. Lastly, Bedrock has this marketplace part. Looking closely, it is just a currency system within a virtual field. It is not surprising to get hate here, knowing that Minecraft is focused on young players.

Hence, Bedrock just lacks too many of the small details. These accumulated and caused the game to feel very different and give gamers an unpleasant experience.


What is wrong with Minecraft Bedrock?

Issues come and go within a game. There is a responsibility placed on the game developers to ensure that it runs smoothly and gives a top-quality gaming experience to its gamers.

For example, Minecraft Bedrock players claim that it has a different “feel” compared to other Minecraft editions. This is something easily noticeable for a gamer dedicated to Minecraft.

Minecraft Bedrock has different inertia and momentum, as well as its rendering engine. All these factors contributed to the different “feel” that may be the underlying cause of the game being bad overall.


However, here are some issues of Minecraft Bedrock that you can notice:

  1. Minecraft Bedrock has a slight delay. You can quickly notice its lag and lack of smooth responses.
  2. The amount of loaded chunks you get is not proportional to the render distance. So, you can notice that some farms do not operate even if there are within your clear vision.
  3. Managing and maintaining passive mobs is a hassle. Mob spawning, in general, is a broken feature in Bedrock. The rules and balance just do not make sense and are generally annoying.
  4. There are specific game mechanics that do not work well! Hunger and saturation in Bedrock give more penalties to the player. You heal slower, and you need to eat more to recover from it.
  5. Loots are essential to give your character better chances of survival. However, loot drops are not the best in Bedrock. Rare items do not even feel rare in Minecraft Bedrock.

Is Minecraft Bedrock more challenging and difficult to play?

This question is another issue faced by numerous dedicated gamers or Minecraft. Depending on what aspects you look into, it can be concluded that Bedrock is indeed more challenging than other Minecraft editions like Java.

In Bedrock, the increased difficulty can be attributed to mob behaviors and the strength of the bosses.

Boss mobs in Minecraft include Wither and the Ender Dragon. In Bedrock, they deal more damage, and the amount of destruction is significantly higher.



To illustrate, in Minecraft Java, the Wither boss only has 300 health points. In contrast, a whopping 600 health points are given to Withers in Bedrock.

A challenging game paired with lots of clunky game mechanics really puts a bad name on how Minecraft Bedrock gives a gaming experience.


What is the difference between Bedrock from other versions of Minecraft?

Another Minecraft version is Java. This is developed and eventually released earlier than Bedrock. Minecraft Java and Bedrock superficially look similar. But, playing them yourself shows lots of differences.

  1. Bedrock was attempted to be constructed very close to how Java feels. However, the developers also replicated the bugs that could have been quickly taken care of.
  2. Minecraft Bedrock has a different format of blocks. It now uses a string-based system.
  3. Generating worlds are a very different experience.


In conclusion

The challenges that come with playing Minecraft Bedrock Edition come from the errors in their graphics, the bugs that players experience when they play, their unavailability for other devices, and their problems with gameplay and mechanics for their challengers.

Despite of this, more players still prefer using Minecraft Bedrock. Java is known to have 2459 players, but Minecraft Bedrock has a whopping 5750 players as of this moment- and it is still growing. To know why other players prefer this version and the pros outweigh the cons of playing this, you can read this article.


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