Why is Minecraft music so sad?

Minecraft is a sandbox game that shows a fantastic gaming experience with its superb maps where you can build all sorts of stuff to help you survive and achieve your goals. However, there have been contentions about Minecraft music that always boggles its players.

Minecraft’s background music seems so sad because it reflects how the game is – there is a familiar tone of sadness and melancholy.

As you play the game, you encounter a large, cubical map with an endless horizon. There are game modes where you are alone on this journey.

Sometimes, you are stuck in a highly civilized area. But sometimes, you encounter absolutely no other villager. There is no middle ground. The civilizations seem very crowded, but you can’t help but feel lonely as the villagers are detached from you, the player.

On the other hand, maps in the jungle or biomes have no other human characters with you. It is definitely lonely to play a survival game with nothing but mindless animals. Plus, there is always a risk that enemies will swarm on you!

Furthermore, whether it is daytime or nighttime in Minecraft, the melancholic solitude is still there.

You must achieve the inconceivable to survive in the brutal maps of Minecraft. With the strength of your bare hands, you must dismantle trees. To find natural resources, you must spend hours upon hours slithering through dark, humid tunnels.

You’re always crafting, mining, and building. But for what?


Why is Minecraft Music so weird?

The composer of Minecraft music, Daniel Rosenfeld, shared his thoughts on why the music he created may have been weird to some of the players of the game. First, he noted that he was not expecting his work to be heard by the number of players Minecraft has now.

Rosenfeld kept in mind that as the game was Minecraft, with the 8-bit feel of the video game, a piece of fitting music to that style was his first concern.

As a result, the musician recorded a piano and messed with it while experimenting with the approach. The resulting musical piece was around 80% electronic and 20% acoustic tones.

This peculiar combination and method may be the reason for the weird vibes of the Minecraft background music.


Does Minecraft make you depressed?

There are some instances where players feel depressed or in a low mood while playing Minecraft. Such feeling is the opposite of what you would typically expect as you play a game. Of course, it should have been a form of recreational activity that is joyful.

Unfortunately, if you engage with the game long enough, you may feel pointless. You can spend hours constructing the best dining room or underground city. However, if nobody can see it aside from you, you cannot help but feel sad afterward.

All of these are on top of the depressing soundtrack that constantly rolls as you play the game.

How can you change the background music in Minecraft?

If you want to change the sad background music of Minecraft, here are some steps that can guide you:

  1. Download and extract sound resources clip. You can use other prepared source packs that you prefer.
  2. On your downloaded resources pack, look for the music title you want to change.
  3. Replace the Minecraft song with the new song that you obtained from the resources pack. But first, we need to convert it to the audio file used by Minecraft, which is “Ogg Vorbis.” You can you any media converting tool for this task. An example would be the Mp3tag.
  4. To hear the same song all the time, rename your chosen tracks with the same filename as that of your converted song. You can do this to all other soundtracks that you want to change. Now, proceed to open your game and click options.
  5. Click on resource packs and then sound resources. After clicking done, you are ready to play your game with different background music.


What do you do when you’re sad in Minecraft?

Playing Minecraft for a long time may sink in a feeling of loneliness in you. If you are sad while playing the game, you can try changing your tactics in playing.

For example, adopting pets in real life boosts our serotonin. In Minecraft, you can also tame and breed several animals similar to adopting them in real life. All of it minus the actual expenses and hassle of keeping a dog or cat with you.

Wolves, Cats, Horses, Sheep, and Pigs are animals that can be tamed in the game.

Or, you can build stuff to build a place you would have liked to explore. This can help you get out of the limbo and keep your mind off of sad thoughts.

Lastly, do not forget that Minecraft can be a multiplayer game. You can try to step out of your comfort zone and meet new friends. There are many happy things to look forward to in this game.